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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Watch Ted Lasso Cut Like The Batman Trailer

What's better than the hit Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso? Make it Ted Lasso as the trailer for The Batman. Director Jason Gallagher took to Twitter to share a cut of the show Ted Lasso made to look like the trailer for Matt Reeves' take on Batman and is it weird that this trailer makes us all want to see Ted Lasso take on the cowl? Or maybe we can continue making villains on Ted Lasso and then he can have his own movie like The Batman dealing with all his enemies while hanging out at AFC Richmond.

It is a miracle that anyone could make a show like Ted Lasso ominous but boy oh boy does this fake trailer work. Can we have a meet-up between Lasso and Bruce Wayne? Maybe it would make Bruce a bit happier. If it worked for Roy Kent, surely it can work for the Dark Knight of Gotham, right?

The video is simply the audio from the trailer for The Batman mixed with clips from Ted Lasso (as well as Roy Kent dropping a few f-bombs in there). And somehow, Gallager has taken the most wholesome of shows and turned it into the gritty movie that Reeves is giving to us.

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The Batman is, as Reeves has described it, a detective noir story set in Gotham City and using the Rogues' Gallery of villains that Batman has met throughout the years. The latest trailer gave us a deeper look into some of the "villains" as well as Batman and Catwoman's relationship. So how does that tie into Ted Lasso? I guess Ted's weapon is his kindness.

The best part of the video is using the audio from The Batman where he's fighting people in the trailer but making it Ted hugging people in this new trailer. Again, Ted's just killing people with kindness. It works incredibly well with the season 2 finale of Ted Lasso being a villain origin story all its own so making this the Ted Lasso Rogues' Gallery works.

It is a perfectly dark look at the show or a fun way of breaking down The Batman trailer depending on which way you're looking at it. And as the trailer itself says in the last frame: that's it.

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