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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The History of the Disney Strike

Once while visiting with a friend, we somehow stumbled onto the topic of unions. This friend, knowing my ongoing chase of work in film or animation, was never shy about volunteering his opinions on the industry. In this case, he felt that, while unions were vital to some professions, they didn't have anything to offer the arts. “It’s not that type of work,” he said, or words to that effect. It’s hardly the first time someone’s doubted the efficacy of unions for art and entertainment. Besides arguments that they aren’t beneficial or necessary, there are the old cliches about artists and their poor business sense and temperament. Disney animator Ward Kimball, a lifelong liberal, once remarked that “artists are notoriously poor union members; an artist has his own ego that he’s more important as an individual than as a member of a group.”

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