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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Squid Game Episode 8 Recap

This article contains major spoilers for 'Squid Game.'

As Netflix's Squid Game barrels toward what promises to be an emotional conclusion, the stakes reach a dizzying new high. Notable players such as Deok-su and Mi-nyeo met their ends during the fifth game, as did nearly a dozen other people. The death of Deok-su was certainly a welcome development for those who hated the sadistic gangster, but the other casualties were tough to stomach. Even more unsettling is Gi-hun's position amongst the survivors. He has been at a disadvantage throughout most of the competition. Consistently overshadowed by better, more competent players, he often relied on the quick thinking and ingenuity of his friends. Now, though, he's alone against the game's smartest player, who happens to be Sang-woo.

Episode 8, titled “Front Man,” focuses on the fallout (sorry) of Game 5 and the... “conclusion” of Jun-ho's investigation into the people running the games. A majority of the remaining players were killed during Game 5, leaving only Gi-hun, Sang-woo, and Sae-byeok alive. As soon as they return to the near-empty dorm, Gi-hun confronts Sang-woo, who angrily pushed a man to his death during the fifth game. Predictably, the discussion escalates and becomes personal. The two have become bitter enemies in the span of a few days, and neither understands the other's way of playing the game.

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Unbeknownst to both of them, Sae-byeok was badly wounded when the glass panels exploded at the end of Game 5. She staggers off to the bathroom to treat her injuries while the other two argue. Staffers interrupt the quarreling with gifts: dress clothes to celebrate making it to the final game. They instruct Gi-hun, Sang-woo, and Sae-byeok to change before leaving.

The three are then led into a large, dimly lit dining hall furnished only with a gigantic triangular table. They eat in silence, each of them stealthily swiping steak knives from the table for later use. The meal ends, and they are led back to the dorm to rest and prepare for the final game.

The focus cuts back to Jun-ho, who has escaped from the island and is now running for his life...on another island. The Front Man and his staff are close behind, having tracked his oxygen tank. They catch up to him and corner him on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Jun-ho demands answers, but the only one he gets is a devastating bombshell. The Front Man is his missing brother, In-ho, who won the game in 2015. In-ho shoots Jun-ho, who topples off the cliff and vanishes beneath the rolling waves below. Honestly, looking back, it's quite obvious that this was where the show was intending to go from the beginning. Still, it all plays out so organically that it's tough not to appreciate the tact with which the creative team executes it all.

Back at the dorm, the three finalists have begun to doze off. Sae-byeok and Gi-hun get to talking, which results in the two making a deal: if one of them lives and wins the prize money, they owe it to the other to help take care of their loved ones. As they talk, they notice that Sang-woo has fallen asleep. Realizing that Sang-woo is too far gone, Gi-hun moves to stab him with the knife obtained during dinner. Sae-byeok stops him by reminding him that he's not a murderer. Heartbreakingly, this act of goodness is Sae-byeok's last. She falls unconscious, weakened by the belly wound sustained during Game 5.

Panicking, Gi-hun rushes to the dorm's doors and starts pleading with the staff to help Sae-byeok. For a few stressful seconds, there is no response. Eventually, the doors swing open. The men in red file into the room carrying a coffin, and it's then that Gi-hun realizes what happened. Sang-woo had woken and cut Sae-byeok's throat while Gi-hun was off getting help. An enraged Gi-hun attacks Sang-woo as somber music begins to play over the scene. Sae-byeok's body is carried away, and the episode cuts to black.

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