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Monday, October 18, 2021

Squid Game Episode 7 Recap: VIPs

Episode 7 of Squid Game opens with our beloved Ali's (Anipam Tripathi) blood-splattered face in one of the black and red coffins were more than acquainted with now. The Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) is pissed about the intruder (Wi Ha-Jun as cop Jun-Ho). He also maybe doesn’t trust anyone anymore, feeling the heat because the “VIPs” arrive soon. The players shuffle back to their barracks-living space. To our and the others players surprise, Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo Ryoung) is in bed, alive and safe. Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae) is pissed, certain she was killed after no one picked her for the last game. Turns out, she’s the “weakest link,” according to the game - “Not abandoning the weakest kid is a beautiful rule,” she delightfully says, and that’s “pretty fucking cool” to save her life. However, we know this was no olive branch from the Front Man.

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The Front Man confirms to his boss (how many levels of authority are there?), that “the host is waiting for the VIPs to arrive.” He notices something off in his palace studio - that’s because Jun-Ho is there. He knows the bullet he killed one of the guards with is a police bullet and tries to sniff him out. He makes it to the file room, where Jun-Ho is hiding. Then, the Front Man gets a call that a body has been found on the island (the guard Jun-Ho killed to get into the game). Back in the barracks, the players eat while processing what has just happened during the game of marbles. Sae-byeok (Jung Hoyeon) is sad and thoughtful in a way we haven’t seen her, processing the death of the only person in the game that she opened up to, Ji-yeong (Lee Yoo-mi). Sang-Woo (Park Hae-Soo), now a confirmed sociopath, tells Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) not to worry about killing the old man, II-Nam (Hideo Kimura). He refers to the couple who had to choose between themselves, and they see that the wife is gone. Later, the husband is bereft beyond himself after losing his wife. He pleads with everyone that if the majority wants it, they can stop the game. Nobody responds. “How could you call yourselves human?” He reminds everyone that they just killed the person they were closest to. Sang-Woo comes in with the real knowledge, though, you can’t deny it - he tells him he should have died instead of her, then, if he can’t live with the grief. Cut to Gi-hun who holds one marble in his hand still, the one Il-nam gave him. .

When the Front Man arrives to see the guard's dead body covered in crabs, they find Jun-Ho’s police ID. the Front Man gets a message that the VIPs have arrived and gives a command to incinerate the body. The VIPs arrive and the Front Man lets the host know - we now realize that the host is the one in a painting at the Front Man’s place. The VIPs all wear bedazzled, but still unsettling, masks shaped like animals faces. The Front Man tells them he’s the one “who operates and oversees all matters here.” It feels obvious, but we’re getting into the hierarchies here. The VIPs all speak English, one with a detectable U.S. Southern accent, and it becomes clear they are the backers of this game and the highest-ranking (that might be one and the same, though it is likely the Chinese black market payers for organs are also putting up money for the operation). The VIPs want to see the host, but the Front Man says there are personal issues keeping him from attending, but not to worry, the game will go on as scheduled.

The rest of the episode continues in this way, popping back between the players and the VIPs having the time of their grotesque filthy rich lives. In the barracks, it’s lights out, but the evangelist guy is praying, keeping everyone up. Thought-provoking for some, maybe, though Deok-su looks like he wants to kill him. The VIPs get this opulent lounge, a twisted vision of Cirque del Soleil, with a consistent flow of scotch and models positioned in sexual poses and as tables. This is where they watch the barracks - casually joking, seeing 69 is about to hang himself, and dang, one of them just lost a million dollars on him! Jung-Ho is back in action. This time, he dresses up a waiter and is headed into the VIP lounge in his new disguise.

In the barracks, the daily classical wakes the players up, and the guards come in with a casket for 69 with the first on-screen suicide of the series. Despite it not having happened in the game, that pig descends from the ceiling and fills up with more coin, adding to the eeriness of the scene. The next game will begin shortly, and back with the VIPs, the Front Man introduces the next game by a small scale model, and it looks like a tightrope on ecstasy.

The players walk into a room with numbered vests on mannequins, 1 - 16, and they each have to pick one. The players are confused and frantic, trying to figure out what number they choose means for them in the game. The religious guy takes 6 (when “God created man”) and someone else takes 7 for a lucky number, and there is a flurry as people grab up the vests. Gi-hun tries to weigh everything out - the strong ones go first, so should he get a number in the front, or would being in the back be better because he’ll gain the experience of those who go first? By the time he finishes thinking, only 001 is left. But, then, someone wants it, says he wants to be the owner of his own life for once. Gi-hun is a nice guy, so he lets him have it, becoming 16, the last number. The VIPs are salivating over the game and their den opens up to the actual arena. Box seats!

Time for the game, “Glass Stepping Stones". With a 15-minute time limit, the players must make their away across a bridge and they go in the order of the numbers they chose, starting with 001. You have the option to step on one of two glass tiles side by side - step on the tempered glass you’re good, it can hold two people, but step on the other glass and you fall to your death. 001 is scared stiff, Deok-su saying he’ll push him if he doesn’t move. The first four players die, each getting further than the last, but eventually making a wrong step. That helps the others, though, so some start coming on board. 04 can’t remember which way to go, 05 tells him, he doesn’t believe her, and leaps to his death. The recurring theme of what is trust continues. The games are smart about stirring up antagonism. The prayer man pushes someone to their death who tries to take him down, then someone pushes the prayer man - not vey holy, huh?

Sang-Woo and Sae-byeok enter the board. When Gi-hun steps up, he looks like he’s losing it, forgetting which side to take. Sae-byeok tells him where to jump, and “Get your shit together.” The lead, 008, doesn’t want to move, and Deok-su is behind him. 008 jumps to his death, and that leaves Deok-su in front. Back in the VIP den, a bearded VIP is lecherous, demanding that Jung-Ho sit beside him and serve only him. The VIP then demands to see Jung-Ho’s face. Jung-woo declines but the VIP then threatens to kill him if he doesn't take off his mask. As a last resort, Jung-woo suggests they go somewhere private, the other VIPs whistling whilst they leave. In a room to themselves, the VIP promises he'll change Jung-Ho's life if he can satisfy him in five minutes. Just as he pushes Jung-Ho's head to receive fellatio, Jun-ho grabs his genitals and pulls a gun on him, saying that if the VIP gives him the information he needs, he might let him live.

Back at the game, Deok-su proclaims that if anyone wants to move forward, they have to pass him out. After the man behinds up tries to push him, Deouk-su shoves him off and he plummets to his death. Up next, it’s Mi-nyeo! It’s going to be the ultimate lovers showdown and it does not disappoint. Reminding him that he said they would always be together, and that she would kill him if he betrayed her, she gets on his tile, wraps her arms around him, and hurls both of them to their death, Salt style, crashing through a glass tile.

There's just four players left with 13 at the front followed by Sang-Woo, Sae-byeok and Gi-hun. 13 says he worked at a glass factory and can tell the difference based on the light and sound of the glass, and he gets the next one right. 13 says, when Gi-hun points out that he didn’t help the others, its because they all tried to kill him, inserting a small sliver of intuition that sometimes, even here, loyalty (or just, non-barbarism) matters. The Front Man adjusts the game’s light setting to make it harder for 13 to distinguish the glass types and it works, as 13 can't tell the next step. As the game nears its end, the Front Man tells a guard to check the VIP room and he finds the bearded man passed out on the floor. The Front Man knows it’s the intruder and the search is on.

There’s one tile left and 13 needs something to throw at the glass to test it. Gi-hun remembers the marble in his pocket that Il-nam gave to him. But when 13 needs a second object to throw to the other glass tile to compare the sounds, no one has anything. With only a few seconds left, Sang-Woo pushes 13 who crashes through the tempered glass. Sang-Woo leaps to the right one, eight seconds left, Sae-byeok and Gi-hun follow, finishing just as the buzzer goes off. Just when they think they're safe, the rest of the glass tiles explode sending shards everywhere. What follows is a thrilling, slo-mo sequence, the glass and Sang-Woo, Sae-byeok, and Gi-hun among it, imagining the excruciating pain those glimmering shards promise, the scene pulsating with an apocalyptic bravado beat. Back to the Front Man: He figures out Jung-ho took to sea and the guards are after him in a boat. The last shot is of Jung-Ho, his head bobbing above water in scuba gear and the main thing now is: Does he have a waterproof phone?

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