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Friday, October 15, 2021

Squid Game Episode 4 Recap: Stick to the Team

Following the deadly, sugar-coated honeycomb game in Episode 3 of Squid Game, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Episode 4 packs a punch with not just one, but two games that yank our players back on their feet and present them with a completely different—but equally twisted—challenge: a challenge of strength. Episode 4 of Squid Game picks up right were the previous episode left off at the conclusion of the honeycomb game. Player 111 (Yoo Sung-joo) is led by one of the guards down to a secret area as another guard in the control room covertly deletes the CCTV footage.

Meanwhile, the rest of the players file back into the main lobby. Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), Player 199, or as we later learn, Ali (Anupam Tripathi), and the elderly Player 001 (O Yeong-su) are relieved to see that they all made it out of the honeycomb game alive, but Gi-hun seems to suspect that Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) was keeping something from him. Still, he keeps it to himself for now. Sang-woo looks simultaneously relieved and guilty when he sees that they all survived, but he forces a smile on his face and approaches them. He tells Gi-hun he is sorry that he suggested they split up.

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As all of the remaining players gather in the main lobby, the results of the honeycomb game are announced. Out of the 189 players that were left before the game, 79 were eliminated. With the conclusion of the game, 7.4 billion was added to the grand prize, a now whopping 34.8 billion. The players then get in line for a paltry meal of one single egg and a bottle of soda. Player 101, or as we learn later in the episode, Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae), is furious about the meagerness of their meal when Player 212 Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryeong)—clearly still plottin' and schemin' her way into Deok-su's inner circle—comes up with a plan for them to cut in line for a second helping of food, leaving five players at the end of the line without a meal. One of the players, the nameless Player 271, furiously tries to take Deok-su's drink when he finds out that they got in line twice, causing the bottle to fall and shatter. Enraged, Deok-su beats the player to death as the guards silently watch, with no motion to intervene. Instead, the board chimes and announces in its chipper way that Player 271 is dead as piles of cash pour into the pot.

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Jun-ho (Wi Ha-Joon) switches out his mask for a square mask, disguising himself now as a supervisor. Back in the hidden room where the guard led Player 111, Player 111, a doctor, is secretly harvesting organs for a group of corrupt guards in exchange for information about the games. The guard tells him that the staff purposely reduced the food rations so that the players would turn on each other, inevitably leading to a fight that will take place tonight. He tells Player 111 that if he wants to survive the night, he must "stick with the strongest team." Later, Player 111 finds a piece of paper in his egg with information on the next game.

Back in the main lobby, Gi-hun, Sang-woo, Ali, and Player 001 agree to stick together tonight because it is clear that Deok-su and his crew are planning something. Gi-hun approaches Player 067, who later reveals her name as Kang Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon ), and invites her to join him and his group tonight if anything happens. As expected, chaos erupts the minute the lights go out that night. Deok-su sneaks out of bed with a broken bottle and viciously stabs another player to death while the rest of his team follow suit. The lights flicker in a nightmarish sequence as the players all fight to the death, screaming in fear as blood spills while the Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) and the rest of the guards silently watch from behind the scenes. Gi-hun races to find Player 001, who is nowhere to be found. Sae-byeok joins him in the midst of the fight.

The Front Man declares the game is over when Player 001, who somehow made his way to the top of the highest bunk, cries and pleads with everyone to stop. The game ends, and thankfully, Gi-hun and his team have made it out alive (and unfortunately, so has Deok-su and his crew). At the start of the game, there were 107 players. Now, the number has trickled down to 80. As the guards make their way around the lobby identifying the dead, Jun-ho approaches Gi-hun and quietly asks him if he has seen a man named Hwang In-ho. Gi-hun tells him that they don't know each other's names.

Afterwards, Gi-hun and his friends decide it is time to share their names. He, Sang-woo, Ali, and Sae-byeok all officially introduce themselves, but Player 001, either traumatized by the bloody events that have just transpired, or suffering from memory loss due to his ailing health, can't remember his name at the moment. Meanwhile, Player 111 has convinced Deok-su to let him be a part of his team after telling him that he knows what the next game will be. As he is tending to Deok-su's injuries, Player 212 affectionately calls Deok-su "babe" and implies he join her in the bathroom where they have sex in one of the stalls. Afterwards, she tells him that she knows he and Player 111 are hiding something and asks him if he really will stick with her until the end. She asks him his name, and then tells him that if he betrays her, she will kill him. While Jun-ho is lying in bed that night, he again hears coughing from the next room over. He realizes suddenly that the coughing is in fact morse code for the number 29, the room he is staying in.

Before the third game begins, the players are told that they will be playing as a team. They have ten minutes to split into groups of ten. Between Gi-hun, Sang-woo, Ali, Sae-byeok, and Player 001, they still need five more people. Sang-woo advises everyone to split up and bring back one more person, but he says they can't have any more women on the team because it has been proven that men perform better in the games. He is more than displeased when Sae-byeok, unapologetically, brings back a woman, Player 240 (Lee Yoo-mi) and when Player 001 doesn't bring back anyone, they get stuck with Player 212, who is completely floored when Deok-su forms a team of 10 of the strongest men, clearly excluding her.

Unfortunately, cementing what Sang-woo feared to be true, the next game is one that relies on physical strength: Tug of war. They will be playing a deadly version (of course) of the game on a suspended platform high in the air so that when one team loses, they will plummet to their death. Deok-su clearly feels smug and confident since he has gathered the strongest men for his team. Thankfully, he and his crew are not pitted against Gi-hun and his team because Deok-su and his team easily win in the game's first round.

Gi-hun's team is called next to go against, to their dismay, a team made up of only men. It seems they are completely doomed. On their way up to the platform, however, Player 001 shares his wisdom from his experience playing tug of war as a child. He says it isn't necessarily about strength — even the teams that are up against someone stronger can win if they follow the right strategy. He advises them to place the rope in the middle and stand on alternating sides, keeping their feet planted straightforward and tucking the rope underneath their armpits. The next step proves to be crucial: in the first ten seconds, they must plant their feet and tilt their body backwards, their lower abdomen up to the sky.

As Player 001 predicted, this instantly throws off the other team, who is unable to pull them forward. Then, the very moment the other team begins to lose their rhythm, Gi-hun yells for them to start pulling. Player 001's strategy appears to be working as the other team begins to falter, and in turn, lose their lead. Unfortunately, however, they are able to pull the rope back to their side and in a tense moment of panic, it seems that Gi-hun and his team's fate is sealed. Sang-woo tells them all, to their shock and horror, to take three steps forward on his count, in hopes it will cause the other team to trip. On three, the camera zooms in to their feet as they tumble forward three steps and.. on that momentous note, the episode ends.

With intense final scenes that make it impossible not to tune into the next episode, its no wonder the show is Netflix's biggest launch to date.

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