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Sunday, October 17, 2021

SNL: Rami Malek and Pete Davidson Play Each Other in Sketch

Mr Robot star Rami Malek hosted Saturday Night Live and during this week’s episode, one sketch was titled Celeb School, a mock game show wherein the contestants must compete for a monetary prize, in this case, 10 thousand dollars.

SNL cast member since 2003, Kenan Thompson plays the show’s host Bert Simpson (a name which he emphasizes twice probably so as people do not confuse him for an iconic cartoon character of a similar name). The pretend contestants, named Trishelle and Ryan in this episode, must call on one of the celebrity students to help them answer a trivia question.

Then, we are introduced to the comedic assemble that will be trying to answer the questions. Malek, wearing a blond wig and baggy jeans and blue sweater, plays Pete Davidson whereas Davidson, with brown hair, wearing way more formal clothes and looking amusingly prim and proper, plays the Academy Award-winning best actor.

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The other student celebrities are played by regular members of the SNL crew. There is Mikey Day as John Oliver from Last Week Tonight, Chloe Fineman as American Pie actress Jennifer Coolidge, James Austin Johnson as Academy Award-nominee Adam Driver, Melissa Villaseñor as comedian Kristen Wiig, Chris Redd as rapper Lil Wayne, and Bowen Yang as Star Trek star George Takei.

On one hand, Malek’s version of Davidson is very loud and vocal, openly complaining about having to sit next to Davidson as Malek. On the other hand, Davidson plays an abnormally quiet and almost brooding Malek. Towards the end of the skit, (fake) Davidson comments on (fake) Malek’s intense stare “Please make him stop! It’s like the soul of a Victorian child is trapped in his eyes!”

Next Saturday, October 23, Jason Sudeikis, who recently won the Emmy for Ted Lasso, will be hosting the episode. Watch the sketch below:

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