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Monday, October 18, 2021

Pokémon Unite Halloween Event Trailer Reveals Release Date, Details

A new spooky Pokémon event is heading our way just in time for Halloween! Pokémon Unite has just announced that it will be leading the charge on its first ever seasonal event beginning October 20 and running through November 7. The fun, new limited version of the game will feature costumed Pokémon, a new map, and even the introduction of “a tricky new Pokémon”, a squirrel named Greedent.

The event will allow players to dress their Pokémon up in costumes and gain access to Halloween themed skins. It also looks like trainers will be able to dress up in Halloween style clothing and accessories like a “pointed” witches’ hat and “candy bag” backpacks shaped like Jack-O-Lanterns. Trainers will also have the ability to take on new poses on their cards. In the trailer, we see that even Remoat Stadium has been given a Halloween makeover, loaded up with pumpkins and an overall spooky vibe.

Speaking of pumpkins, players will be able to not only throw pumpkins at other Pokémon, but also turn other competitors into pumpkins. And the tricks don't stop there. Gamers will have the ability to disguise themselves as other Pokémon and even don masks like a Pikachu Halloween mask. The trailer shows us sweet Wigglytuff quickly transform into a mischievous Gengar.

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But with all of these fun tricks, also come the treats. To kick the trailer off, we see Lucario dressed in some sort of Zorro costume. Next, is Charizard dressed in a beanie and scarf that can only be described as a Hipster Fall look. Blastoise is ready to extinguish the competition this Halloween dressed as a firefighter and Slowbro is getting cozy for the fall season in a cute sweater.

With all the Halloween fun, Pokémon Unite is sure to keep you entertained as you get ready for your very own Halloween parties or slasher movie marathons. Check out the Pokémon Unite Halloween trailer below and be sure to play the game beginning October 20.

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