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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Most Underrated Disney Villains of All Time

Next to classic literary monsters, towering kaiju, and slasher movie killers, Disney’s animated villains are some of the most popular evil characters of all time. Much like the studio’s pantheon of morally upright princesses, the deliciously malicious Disney villains have become recognizable icons in their own right beyond the films they originated from and are among Disney’s most beloved characters. They’ve spawned tons of merchandise, entire theme park events and even spun off into their own stories like 2014’s Maleficent and 2021’s Cruella. What draws us to the mouse house’s rogues’ gallery is how unapologetically evil they are, almost taking gleeful abandon in their devious undertakings and gambles for power. They can be fantastically bombastic like Ursula and Dr. Facilier or sinisterly two-faced like Mother Gother and Frollo. From wicked stepmothers to otherworldly demons, Disney villains are in a league of their own in the history of cinematic ne'er do wells.

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