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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Last Night in Soho: Edgar Wright Crafts a Killer 60s Throwback

Edgar Wright is a director who has a complicated relationship with the past. He’s a filmmaker who wears his influences on his sleeve, but his stories have been circumspect about the dangers of the past and how it can consume the present if you let it. You can see this with the forced idyll of Sandford in Hot Fuzz where its elderly residents force a certain kind of lifestyle on their community, and to a greater extent in The World’s End where past selves have been reanimated as nefarious robots who sand all the rough edges off of humanity. Wright tackles the past in his most direct fashion yet with his latest movie, Last Night in Soho, a blistering, beguiling take on nostalgia that shows how deep the horrors of the past can go. Largely setting aside his trademark humor and rapid editing style, Wright creates his most mature work to date that feels both timely and timeless as it shows the enchantment of the past coupled with its complications we choose to overlook.

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