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Thursday, October 21, 2021

How Disney's Snow White Influenced Suspiria

Name a parody or pop culture reference to the concept of a Disney Princess, and I’ll bet you good money that it’s really just a take-off on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 58 animated feature films have followed Snow White’s premiere in 1937, many representing significant advancements in the craft, and many of the succeeding princesses significantly more fleshed out as characters. And yet it’s the woodland cottage, a parade of helpful woodland critters, and the wide-eyed and high-pitched heroine that has maintained a pervasive sway over the public’s image of a generic “Disney Princess.” Disney itself isn’t immune: the kingdom of Andalasia and Princess Giselle in Enchanted owe more to Snow White than to any other Disney movie. And between the bucolic imagery, the broad and cuddly comic relief from the dwarfs, and the naivety of Snow White herself, it’s very easy to remember the film – and by extension, in many minds, all of Disney’s fairy tales – as a very soft and light cinematic experience for young children.

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