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Thursday, October 21, 2021

How David Fincher’s Zodiac Is the Opposite of Seven

Right now, you’re probably thinking: “Oh boy, some online film nerd is doing a David Fincher think piece? How groundbreaking! That’s certainly not a director who’s been covered by every living film student, critic, and video essayist in existence.” Yes, it’s true, Fincher, along with Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan, are perhaps the most over-discussed directors in modern film discourse, and so I apologize for only aiding and abetting such a phenomenon. As someone who creates analytical film content for the internet, I was required to swear a blood oath to the ancient gods of chaos that I would cover Fincher sooner or later, and so, today I pay that debt. However, I hope to offer you something different than your normal Fincher analysis with this article, just as one of Fincher’s films did for his filmography. Because, when it comes to Fincher’s film Zodiac, I think you’ll find that its construction and themes, as well as Fincher’s filmmaking decisions, offer not only an antithesis to the crime thriller genre, including previous Fincher films like Seven, but a critique of modern “true crime” culture as well.

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