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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Dune Review: Sci-Fi Epic Has a Cold Heart on a Hot Planet

Director Denis Villeneuve takes his sci-fi seriously. While most mainstream, studio sci-fi goes for something more in the vein of Star Wars with dashing adventure, a healthy dose of humor, and not worrying about explaining anything too much, Villeneuve gets in the weeds. While his previous science fiction movies, Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, were able to embrace a deadly serious tone while never losing their emotional core, his latest film, half an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic Dune (the movie states that it’s “Part One” although a second part has yet to receive a green light as of mid-October 2021), is a distant affair despite its exquisite craftsmanship. Despite having more time than the 1984 David Lynch film to tell the story, Villeneuve’s Dune never manages to dive deeper into the character relationship, instead getting down in the plotting issues of intergalactic colonial mining operations between royal houses and how it intersects with a rising messiah figure. These are heady concepts, but they lack any kind of emotional weight because we don’t care about the people in this vast tapestry. Instead, despite its outstanding cast, they’re all absorbed into the rich milieu of this sci-fi epic without ever making the case about why we should be invested. The spice may flow, but this narrative doesn’t.

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