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Friday, October 1, 2021

Chloe Grace Moretz on The Addams Family 2 and Her Sci-Fi Series The Peripheral

From directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon (Sausage Party), the animated sequel The Addams Family 2 follows the spooky family of Morticia (voiced by Charlize Theron), Gomez (voiced by Oscar Isaac), Wednesday (voiced by ChloĆ« Grace Moretz), Pugsley (voiced by Javon “Wanna” Walton), Uncle Fester (voiced by Nick Kroll), and the rest of the creepy crew, on a family vacation to spend quality time and bring everyone closer together as the children are growing up. On their journey, Wednesday learns some news that makes her question who she really is, on a very unusual road to self-discovery.

During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, that you can both watch and read, Moretz talked about channeling her inner Wednesday, how her physicality affects her performance, what sets this Wednesday Addams apart from other iterations, and her character’s identity crisis. She also talked about her upcoming sci-fi Amazon series The Peripheral, and why people will have their mind blown by the story.

Collider: I appreciate you talking to me about this. I love The Addams Family. I loved the old TV show. I loved the live-action movies. I have so much fun with these animated movies. How do you channel your inner Wednesday? Is there anything you do to immediately get back into her voice and her mindset?

CHLOE GRACE MORETZ: I think the biggest thing is just trying to really figure out her intonation and her vocality on vowels. Something that I really found with the first movie that surprised all of us was her strange pronunciations of words and how she’s never probably said those things before. So, I really tried to focus on that and get into the space where she’s still observing and understanding and coming into the 21st century almost. She’s pulled out of the 1700s and put into the 21st century almost.

When you voice her, do you do anything to get into character? Even though this is animated and we don’t see you, do you dress a particular way or do you change your physicality when you’re voicing her?

MORETZ: They always record us while we’re doing our voices because they actually map it into the animation, a lot of the times, what we do with our faces. I’d love to see those recordings because I do get really into it, a hundred percent. You start to do little things like her and do her weird little things with your face, so a hundred percent, you have to get into it. You have to physically get into it because, if you don’t, it just sounds flat. When we speak in real life, we’re very animated. I guess there’s a pun there somewhere. So, when you’re doing animation, you have to be as animated as you are in real life, if not more so. It’s trying to up the ante while also playing a character that’s predominantly monotone. It’s trying to walk that tight rope.

Even though The Addams Family are so well-known and so iconic as characters, this version feels a bit different. What do you like about her look and her personality and this specific Wednesday?

MORETZ: That was something that was really fun at the start of this. We all really wanted to shirk the different types of Addams’ that had come before us and really start to add a new flavor to it. That was something that I was told by them, early on. I was like, “How far can I go with my own take on Wednesday?” And they were basically like, “Run with it. Go for it and see where that lives with you.” And so, I really tried to find my own Wednesday and find something different for audiences because something I really love, watching remakes, is when people do have their own take on the character and their own pace on the character. That was something that we really wanted to modernize and see what that looks like, taking the girl from the time period and putting her into a more modern outlook and how much she also feels like a fish out of water within that.

Wednesday has a bit of an identity crisis in this film.

MORETZ: A little bit.

Did seeing her try to fit into another family just really help solidify why she belongs in The Addams Family for you?

MORETZ: Oh, for sure. Her with a turtleneck and lab coat, no way. That is not Wednesday Addams. And then, her calling Morticia, Morticia, instead of mother, I was just like, “Ah, no! Don’t do it!” But a hundred percent, even if she wasn’t blood-related, she is an Addams, no matter what. Something that I really love about this story as well is the idea of chosen family and how, at the end of it, she chooses to be an Addams, no matter what, even though she is an Addams.

What do you most enjoy about the process of doing voice-over work? Does it feel different when you’re voicing a famous character, instead of just an animal that you couldn’t be in real life?

MORETZ: Oh, a hundred percent. You really wanna get into the physicality, when you’re being a person, and you really wanna try to personify them in a way where they feel human and they feel like they can walk off the screen. When you really get into the sweet spot of that is when you get to watch the film and you feel moved and you feel awestruck by the emotion. With this one, for sure, I definitely teared up at the end. I was really moved by this take in this film.

Do you know what’s next for you, as far as live-action and us getting to see you in your form?

MORETZ: Yes. I have Mother/Android coming out on December 17th. I’ll releasing a bunch of stuff on that pretty soon. And then, currently, I’m filming a show for Amazon, from creators of Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy, called The Peripheral.

And that’s sci-fi too, right?

MORETZ: It’s very sci-fi, yeah.

What attracted you to that project and what kind of take on sci-fi is it?

MORETZ: I think William Gibson is such a great writer. I’ve always interested in his writing. It’s a wonderful book. And then, bringing that to the atmosphere of Jonah and Lisa, over at Kilter, who are producing this. I’ve always loved his take on projects and I’ve always loved her take on projects, and I think they’re really brilliant. They put together a really wonderful cast and crew for this and a great showrunner (Greg Plageman, Person of Interest). It’s my first foray into TV, and I cannot wait for people to see their take on this story. It really deals with pretty realistic ideals, to what we’re going through currently in the world, to the point of where, when we’re filming this, we’re like, “Are we actually not in a dystopian future, but we’re just in a documentary about ourselves?” So, it’s been fun. It’s been mind-boggling. It’s been tricky, but it’s been fun. I think people are gonna have their socks blown off a little bit, by this one. It’s tricky.

The Addams Family 2 is in theaters and on-demand on October 1st.

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