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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Chargeman Ken Is the Worst Anime of All Time; Here's Why You Should Watch

All media exists on something of a Curve of Enjoyability. On one peak is what most try to be: "Good and Entertaining." On this end of the curve sit creations that are genuinely well done, not just in their concept, but in their execution, creating something that stands as a lasting masterpiece in the minds of many. As we slide down the bell curve, we hit the "Valley of Mediocrity," a low middle section where the bland, the forgettable, and the boring sit to waste away their days outside of public consciousness. But then, on the other peak sits the most vexing, most intriguing, and perhaps, most beloved place a piece of media can fall: "Bad and Entertaining." The idea that something can be so bad that it miraculously loops back around to being good has given films like Birdemic: Shock and Terror, Troll 2, and Foodfight relevance and even the status of popular viewing material in America. The king of this bad viewing is, without a doubt, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, a movie written, directed by, and starring Mr. Wiseau himself that has achieved an almost godly status on the far end of the Curve of Enjoyability. But in Japan, there is another king: Chargeman Ken!, a mid-70s anime so atrocious, so poorly timed, edited, voice acted, animated, and drawn that the fact that it ever made its way onto syndicated television feels like a poorly executed joke

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