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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ben Affleck's Most Underrated Performances

There are few figures in Hollywood who’ve experienced the incredible highs and lows of Ben Affleck. There isn’t another actor working today whose career has included writing, directing, Oscars, Emmys, and Batman within a twenty-year stretch, and a string of tabloid stories have kept Affleck’s name frequently in the news. One of the breakout heartthrobs of the ‘90s, Affleck won an Academy Award for writing Good Will Hunting alongside his childhood best friend, Matt Damon. He quickly ascended to stardom with roles in romantic comedies, dramas, action films, and even the comic book adaptation Daredevil, but after a series of flops, his career began to seriously decline. After many counted him out entirely, Affleck stepped behind the camera for his gripping 2007 directorial debut Gone Baby Gone.

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