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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Antlers Review: Plenty of Gore Can't Make Up for a Thin Story

A Scott Cooper movie always seems to have the air of prestige around it that never feels earned. While his breakthrough feature Crazy Heart won an Oscar for Jeff Bridges, since then, Cooper’s filmography—Black Mass, Out of the Furnace, and Hostiles—carries the veneer of importance and weight without ever actually delivering much of an impact. He’s a filmmaker who refuses to trust his audience to come to him, which is how you get a horror film as inert as the handsomely crafted Antlers. Cooper’s latest is about how abuse traumatizes children who have no choice but to become caretakers and fend for themselves. You’ll get that in the first twenty minutes or so, and then it’s just a really gory horror film as Cooper never builds or explores his theme in any meaningful way. Antlers ends up feeling exploitative as it takes a real issue but lacks the maturity or thoughtfulness it deserves beyond the most obvious metaphors.

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