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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Why Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan Is a Must Watch

Dark humor is hard to get right sometimes. It can often be misconstrued and become edgy or downright offensive, focused on punching down at certain groups instead of at difficult topics. When it’s done right, though, you get hilarious and thought provoking comedy, and that’s exactly what Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan is. It’s a comedy that focuses on the struggles and absurdities of adult life as experienced by Uramichi, someone who is not only wrestling with the pressures of society, but also his mental health. The anime has a brand of humor that will definitely resonate with adults, both newly minted and veteran, and remind them that sometimes you just have to laugh about the sucky things in life.

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan is a comedy series that revolves around the daily life of Uramichi, a 31 year old ex-gymnast turned children’s program personality. While he tries to appear cheerful on camera, he often cracks, revealing his jaded and cynical nature. The supporting cast is often just as cynical as he is in certain ways, whether it’s about their abysmal love lives or the increasingly strange roles they’re asked to fill at work.

But why is it a good watch for anyone, including non-anime fans?

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Firstly, it’s quite episodic compared to most anime. While there is a general plot line of Uramichi growing emotionally, the comedy of it can be enjoyed from any episode without having seen the entire show. Whether you come in at Iketeru’s obsession with Richard Feynman or Uramichi’s ridiculous costumes, you’ll be able to laugh along. It’s a very similar structure to most sitcoms, which makes it an easy transition for people who may be new to anime and looking for a good gateway to the medium.

However, what really makes Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan shine is the way it treats dark humor as a coping mechanism. Uramichi, Iketeru, and Utano, as the eldest of the cast, are constantly filled with the various anxieties that come with life. These often come out while they’re filming, particularly when the kids ask them questions or they’re asked to perform tasks that they may not be able to do. They break character in front of the children and often cynically remark on things such as job hunting, marriage, and social etiquette. It’s an interesting setup; it almost reads as if it’s cathartic for them to tell the kids the hardships of life. We all wish we could go back and tell our younger selves what we know now. Just as the kids seem unfazed by the sudden darkness after a moment, the adults are able to return back to their cheerful personas easily, too. These quick changes are part of what makes the anime so relatable. After all, hasn’t everyone had to put their worries on the back burner and paste on a smile at some point?

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan also has its serious moments. Uramichi noticeably struggles with depression throughout the series. Many days, he struggles to get out of bed. He struggles to get close to the people around him because of his cynicism. He spends much of his time alone, and he constantly thinks about his past regrets. Most adults feel this way at some point. Life becomes monotonous as you get older and enter the workforce. It’s harder to make friends and easier to remember all the things you missed throughout the years. However, the anime doesn’t pose this as something that can’t be mended. As the show progresses, we see Uramichi trying in small ways to get closer to people, particularly Iketeru. He goes to some small get-togethers with his coworkers. He tries to do a bit of gymnastics again. While Uramichi is never going to be without his depression or anxieties, he’s trying to manage them in small (and surprisingly healthy) ways most of the time. It’s a nice dose of hope that everyone could use, especially after the past year.

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan has things that can resonate with every viewer. It’s funny, deliciously dark at times, and has just a dash of hope that combines to make a fantastic comedy series that even those unacquainted with anime can enjoy. It has the same feel as a show like Superstore, where you can come in at any time and get a good laugh while also finding the relatability of the characters. It truly is a must watch for any adult; they’ll be able to relate instantly, whether it be with the issues the characters face or the way they handle it.

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