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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Why Call of Duty: Warzone Needs a Ranked System

It might still be one of the most popular online multiplayer games right now, but Call of Duty: Warzone is heading towards uncertainty as other triple-A titles also prepare to launch highly-anticipated sequels later this year. Despite the announcement of a new map and anti-cheat system with the upcoming integration of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the franchise’s battle royale needs to do more in order to keep their players engaged on a consistent basis. The addition of a full-fledged ranking system, where players of a similar skill level compete for a greater rank and rewards, would be the perfect way to give people a chance to feel genuinely rewarded for their efforts while playing Warzone.

The skill-based matchmaking currently in place in regular matches isn’t fulfilling enough for those who play on a consistent basis. It doesn’t give avid players something to strive for, whether they are simply above-average or at a considerably high skill level. They reap the same reward a day-one newbie could receive in a different, lower-skill lobby. That said, it would also be beneficial for the casual gamer, lessening the chance they would have to confront a professional player on their day off from work. Several other battle royale games in the market have already adopted a robust ranked system to tackle the same issues that plague Warzone to this day. The solution isn’t to necessarily remove skill-based matchmaking, but couple it with ranked modes in order to solve those key issues.

Introducing a fleshed-out ranked system would take care of a lot of problems people face in the game on a day-to-day basis. The skill-based matchmaking included in all Warzone matches is flawed in how it separates casual gamers and high-level players. Under the current system, a person is matched up with other similar players depending on how they’ve performed in previous matches. On paper, it seems like a reasonable way to ensure everyone has a good time in the game. However, it is often the case that when a casual player does relatively well for a handful of matches, they are bumped into a much higher-skilled lobby for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, this creates a serious issue when it comes to the average gamer, who won’t drastically improve from game to game, thus creating a seriously discouraging experience.

On the flip side of that, high-level gamers will frequently find themselves up against other equally skilled players. Once again, it seems logical to a certain extent, as long as there are enough professional players in the game at a given time. However, sometimes they will find themselves encountering lower-tier players when there isn't a lobby specifically curated to their skill level, causing the very issue mentioned previously for casual gamers. And when they do encounter those difficult lobbies, it becomes an unforgiving and fruitless effort. The uneven experience of the current system hurts their long-term enjoyment of the game. If they are professional players that put their blood, sweat, and tears into the game, they aren’t rewarded in any shape or form for their unique efforts without a comprehensive ranked system.

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When it comes to the above-average player, things only get even more complex and frustrating. Due to their skill level, they get thrown into a variety of lobbies that never truly feel properly matched to what they are capable of. It’s either far too difficult from game to game on one day, or surprisingly easy on the next. The unbalanced experience creates unnecessary frustration, especially when the solution is in the palm of Warzone’s hands. A ranked system would not only allow players to be properly matched with those who are at a similar skill level, but give them the option to decide how they want to experience the game. Being able to opt into a ranked mode or a regular match at any given moment is the breath of fresh air players need right now.

Competing with other players at an identical skill level for legitimate recognition and in-game rewards creates a clear goal for all involved. While regular public matches remain a choice, dropping into a ranked lobby among even competition becomes a conscious effort that fuels the desire to improve and play on a consistent basis. If a professional is playing, they will feel more rewarded than ever for being the best of the best. It’s hard to imagine that a successful esports sector wouldn’t develop with the inclusion of this mode. Meanwhile, casual and above-average players will rejoice in not having to face high-level opponents, at least without a clear, more substantial reward in sight.

Creating a clear long-term goal for avid players is exactly what Warzone needs at this moment if they want to ensure a healthy life span for years to come. From season to season, gamers will feel more initiative to improve their gameplay by seeing their progress unfold in a more identifiable manner.

Call of Duty: Warzone would not be the first battle royale game to adopt a ranking system. In fact, it’s the only major title that hasn’t done it yet. Arguably the most popular game in the genre, Fortnite, has cultivated a lively competitive scene for years thanks to several ranked modes. Titled “Arenas,” players strategically rack up placement and elimination points in order to rank up and gain a higher status. It allows them to play in the game’s most challenging and competitive state, ensuring they are prepared for when special tournaments are announced. During these limited-time events, skilled players have the opportunity to acquire significant cash rewards or special skins that haven’t come out yet. Meanwhile, casual gamers have fun in the regular modes, which includes a more effective skill-based matchmaking due to the inclusion of Arenas.

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that introduced a ranking system to such great effect that it has recently gained more players because of it. As people continue to be frustrated by the lack of improvement in Warzone, some have flocked towards climbing Apex’s ranking ladder for more rewarding progression. Every player starts off in the Bronze rank, and work their way up by reaching a higher tier within that same division, eventually ranking up to Silver, then Gold, Platinum, and Master, earning various rewards along the way. Like Fortnite, players level up by gaining placement and elimination points within every game they play. It seems simple, right? Well, once a player passes Bronze, they will begin to lose some points every match, forcing them to improve and become more efficient from match to match. It’s an increasingly difficult challenge even for the pros, but it’s hard to come by a more comprehensive and satisfying experience in the battle royale genre.

The implementation of a ranked system is an exciting opportunity to improve the Call of Duty: Warzone experience for all players. All skill levels would be respected to a higher degree, creating more enjoyable gameplay from match to match. Including a more clear, rewarding goal to strive towards is a win-win for all types of players, from the most casual to the most skillful. Moreover, the long-term positives of creating a more deeply invested gaming community have been a clear success story for other battle royales in the genre.

The inevitable integration of Call of Duty: Vanguard would be the perfect time to revamp the game alongside the previously-announced new map and anti-cheat system. And while it’s unclear when that would exactly occur, significantly improving the state of Warzone sooner rather than later is the ideal scenario.

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