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Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Other Two Season 2: Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver on Moving to HBO Max

Created by former SNL head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, The Other Two (which originally premiered on Comedy Central before becoming an HBO Max original just in time for its second season) stands out from other series thanks to the central relationship at its core. Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver play the titular "other two" — the older sister and brother of Chase (Case Walker), who becomes a teen megastar overnight and changes the lives of his entire family as a result. Chase's instant success stands in sharp contrast to his siblings' dreams of their own fame and fortune, but also makes them examine how they approach their own career aspirations.

In this virtual sitdown with Collider, Yorke and Tarver describe how playing these characters comes pretty naturally for them, how they first connected as on-screen siblings, and how they were able to translate the broad energy of past roles to the show's more subtle moments. They also dig into one of the show's core themes — what does real success look like, if you keep moving the goalposts? — and what it's like to be an actor playing an actor.

Collider: So when you first signed up for the series, what were you told about how the show was going to approach the topics it does?

TARVER: Well, I mean, I like the writing so much — it was super funny, while also dealing with these emotional themes, and treating that emotion with such a light touch — that I just had complete faith in Chris and Sarah, and I knew it would be great. Because you don't really know what's coming as you shoot the pilot, so I was just so excited to be in the first episode, that I was just like, this is great.

HELÉNE YORKE: Yeah. I think there's an immediate impression that you get that you feel through their writing, and through how they're so honest with these people. You feel almost very seen in your own thirstiness. You're like, oh, we're all kind of this way to a certain extent, we're just kind of hiding it. And we watch these people very up close and personal be very honest with the audience about what they're gunning for, in ways that maybe we would hide from others. But yeah, and I think that comes through in their writing, how they approach that. And what's been really nice for both Drew and I is, after shooting the pilot, these were characters that were written for us, so it kind of took on its natural shape from there.

So talk to me a little bit about that. I've never had the experience of someone writing a character for me to play, so I have no idea what that might be like. Does it come with a certain sense of responsibility? Is there any pressure to it?

YORKE: It's actually incredibly relaxing, because they're basically writing things in ways that you would say it anyway, so you what they're saying. They were like, can you just do that thing with your face that you do? And I'm like, I know what you're talking about.

TARVER: Right. Yes, yeah. I mean, their writing is so good, it makes it so easy to succeed. And also, they're writing almost, I mean, to your rhythms. So you're like, oh yeah, this sentence, I would say exactly this way with this wording. So like Heléne said, it is easy sometimes.

Cool. You touched on the thirstiness of the show, and I feel like it really does approach the concept of show business in a really fresh way. I mean, in making it, has it affected the way you look at your own careers?

YORKE: Yeah, it has for me. Especially working with Chris and Sarah who have, in my mind, reached the mountaintop of comedy — and I think through the character, it's this way as well, is that, getting somewhere, feeling like you've arrived somewhere. But then, this, to me... If you had told me I would be doing this five years ago, I'd be like, what? But then you sit in it and... we keep saying, your goalpost moves again. To enjoy what you've got, I think, is a nice message that the show really conveys, and I think it's certainly something that I've applied to my own life.

TARVER: When you are an actor and you're playing an actor, there are moments that you're like, oh my god, this is so close to a thing I've experienced. So you kind of pull from that, of course. But yeah, like Helena was saying, these characters sort of keep moving the goalpost for themselves, and I feel like I can do that in my real life, where I'll be like, oh, I'll be happy if I get this, or I'll feel like I've made it if I've done this. And I can relate to that feeling that these characters have, as well.

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Yeah, it's interesting to talk about Chris and Sarah having written this after working on SNL, because like you said, it is for a lot of people kind of hard to imagine what you do after that.

YORKE: Yeah. People always ask, what are you going to do next? And I'm like, I don't know. You get asked that as an actor all the time, like, what's next, what's next, what's next? And you're like, I hope something good. It's the sort of idea of like, this is so great, and it's hard to think about ... I don't know, like what that would be.

TARVER: I think Chris and Sarah did such a great job of using the stuff they were so good at at SNL, and bringing it into a more longer form. And you also get those really funny musical ... really funny songs, and big set pieces and sketch like humor, while also feeling these sort of deeper moments.

Going into Season 2, did you have pitches or ideas you quietly suggested for things that you would like to do in the new episodes?


TARVER: I think they know what would be funny for us to do. We basically just wait for the scripts and then laugh so hard at them. They're so, so funny.

YORKE: We like to get them and then text their own jokes back to them, because we love them so much that we'll get scripts and we'll have at the same time, like two hours of text messages of Drew and I just being like, Chex Mix, ha ha ha ha ha.

Both of you have gotten to play very loud, over-the-top characters in other projects, like High Maintenance and Comedy Bang Bang — was there any sort of adjustment period to taking that energy and putting it in a space where it could last for several seasons?

YORKE: I think what I love about this work, in particular on this show, is that we bring so much of ourselves to it. It really just oftentimes feels like us talking with each other on sets. And I just love scenes that we get to play with together, because it just feels like we're sitting together actually talking. We are just having the same conversation over and over again with different camera set ups. Because I think that's the beauty of this show, right, is that it's not like, oh, I'm playing this loud character, or this different character on this thing, and I have to focus on breaking it down. I think both of us bring so much of ourselves to it, which makes it feel just natural, like it's nothing.

TARVER: Yeah, I think for me, it was a little nerve-wracking when I first started, because I was like, what do I do if I'm not screaming in a mustache wearing my grandad's khakis? What exactly does that look like playing a smaller character? But Chris and Sarah's writing is so good and they're so good at directing you, that I'm like, am I being funny if I'm not screaming? And they're like, yeah, it's fine, it's fine. And through UCB and sketch, you are also playing the person reacting to that person in the mustache and grandad's khakis, so you kind of pull from that. But also being in scenes with Helena, where you have somebody else who's bringing a truthfulness to a character, it's very easy to match that ... you make it easy to match that energy.

Were you guys close before you started making the show?

TARVER: We were enemies. We were enemies. No, we met during the audition process. Yeah.

Well, it seems like it came together pretty naturally.

YORKE: Yeah, Drew had already been cast. Drew, they were like, we definitely want this guy. We're not so sure about her, so ...

TARVER: No, as soon as they saw you, it was like, it's her. I mean, I remember this moment in the audition where you just kind of put your hand on the back of my neck or something, and it was this sweet brother and sister moment that just felt really real, and ever since that hand on the back of my neck, it's just been off to the races.

YORKE: It sounds like harassment, honestly.

TARVER: Yeah, honestly, I don't know if that sounded that good. But it was sweet.

YORKE: But not sensual touching.

I mean, I also have a brother, and I don't feel like I get to see as many brother/sister relationships on TV as I could, potentially.

YORKE: Yeah, we both have siblings, and so I think that kind of closeness is something that both Drew and me are pretty versed with in our own personal lives.

TARVER: Yeah. Yeah. And that's sort of like ... there's themes over this season of kind of a healthy competition with your siblings, where it's like, oh, yeah, when you grow up, one sibling can be really successful, and the other might not be. And trying to grapple with that, and be like, wait, I need to take care of myself right now. Do I choose myself or the family? There's some stuff in the second season kind of dealing with those themes.

To wrap up, did you guys notice an uptick in people discovering the show once it was on HBO Max?

YORKE: I think so. I mean, nobody tells us.

TARVER: I haven't been outside a ton to really test it. But online, I think more people are able to find it easier, and just kind of kicking around HBO Max and find it. And we're so excited to be there for the second season, and we think more people will be able to find it. Because when people find the show, they love it.

New episodes of The Other Two Season 2 premiere Thursdays on HBO Max.

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