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Friday, September 3, 2021

The Green Knight UK Release Date Set for Streaming and Theaters

For those living in the United Kingdom, the time has finally come. The Green Knight will finally arrive in the country after getting pulled off the country’s release schedule in July. The Arthurian epic will now bow on September 24th. According to Variety, which broke the news, the film will now receive a theatrical run, as well as a same-day streaming release on Amazon Prime.

RELATED: 'The Green Knight' Is Bringing Hot Dev Summer to Your Home With Digital, 4K Blu-ray ReleaseThe country’s increasing number of COVID-19 cases at the time was originally attributed as the cause of the shifting release. While the pandemic is still going strong worldwide, there has been a slight decrease in cases since the film was pulled. Variety’s Manori Ravindran did reveal that the day-and-date release was enacted as a compromise between studio A24 and regional distributor Entertainment Film Distributors. By having a simultaneous theatrical and digital run, the Dev Patel star vehicle will finally be released while complying with A24’s alleged demands for a theater release.

It’s about time, as well. Collider’s Matt Goldberg praised the film as “an astounding film, rich in its visuals, its storytelling, and its themes.” Vinnie Mancuso also gave his take on the film’s approach to its central quest, saying that Gawain’s mission to kill the Green Knight demonstrates a “tendency [for millenials, such as Patel himself] to grind and scrape and kill ourselves in pursuit of a self-fulfillment we couldn't even describe”. With such varied discussions surrounding the film, it is high time that moviegoers across the United Kingdom get to experience it for themselves. If nothing else, they can now see Patel in a career-defining and very sweaty role. What more could you ask for?

The Green Knight will be available in the U.K. in theaters and Amazon Prime on September 28th. However, if you’re an American, you can rent the film from any digital platform, with a physical Blu-ray release scheduled for October 12th.

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