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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Conjuring House for Sale at $1.2 Million

Are you looking for a cozy 3,100-square foot home in Rhode Island? This three-bedroom historic home is filled with character and somewhat secluded on 8-acres of land. It's also allegedly filled with evil ghosts, to go along with all of that character. Yes, the house at the center of The Conjuring's legend is back on the market after originally selling back in 2019.

A family of paranormal investigators last purchased the house for $439,000, using their investment to host paranormal events and rent out rooms for brave guests looking to encounter the spooky ghouls that allegedly haunt the house. After just two years living there, they're calling it quits, and Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty has listed the property for $1.2 million USD. The realtors seem to think the dark tourism potential is part of the curb appeal of this fully restored historic home.

The 14-room farmhouse was built around 1826 and legend has it that the presence of Bathsheba Sherman, one of the house's occupants in the 19th century remains there still today. Her haunting and all of the chilling encounters at the house are the basis for James Wan's critically acclaimed Conjuring Universe, as well as countless other media portrayals since the 1970s when Ed and Lorraine Warren put the haunting on the map.

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If you have seen The Conjuring, then you know that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga portray the Warrens when they arrived to investigate the strange ghostly encounters that the Perron family had reported at the house.

Despite having three bedrooms, the Conjuring House only has one and a half baths, which might make hosting overnight guests and large paranormal investigations a challenge for the next caretakers. If the Zillow virtual tour of the property is any indication, the current occupants have really leaned into the Warren connection and decorated the house with a number of Annabelle replicas. If an evil witch wasn't frightening enough, the killer doll will certainly do some of the guests in.

Unfortunately, Sotheby isn't allowing just anyone to tour the home. In order to view the listing, interested parties must provide proof of funds and sign an NDA for the release of full property financials. If you have $1.2 million and an exorcist on speed-dial, this is one hell of a house to make your own.

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