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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Amber Ruffin Show Season 2 Renewal Revealed by Peacock

The Amber Ruffin Show has become a hit new talk show for Peacock and now Amber Ruffin is getting a second season! Variety is reporting that the talk show will return on October 8 and have new episodes airing every Friday. Ruffin made history while as a writer on Late Night With Seth Meyers as the first African American female to write for a late-night network talk show in the U.S.

Having her own show has been a completely different ball game but Ruffin has, frankly, hit it out of the park. From producers Seth Meyers, Jenny Hagel, Mike Shoemaker, and Ruffin herself, the show is very unique to Ruffin's style and bits she'd do on Late Night With Seth Meyers but completely her and it is a wonderfully fresh look into the late-night talk show world. Giving her a second season just seemed like the easy and perfect choice for Peacock.

Ruffin deserves a second season and more. The show breaks down the news of the week, has fun songs and sketches about things happening in the United States, and brings Ruffin's unique history with improv comedy to the forefront with each new episode. Getting to see her fully in her element and shining as the host of her own show is heartwarming after watching her shine in sketches with Meyers on his show.

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Talking about the renewal, Ruffin is clearly happy to be coming back to her show again for season 2. “We are thrilled to keep doing what we love for another season,” Ruffin said. “Margaritas for everyone!” And when Ruffin says "Margaritas for everyone", we should probably all go and get some. (Ruffin ends every show with a margarita in hand and telling the audience that she's having too much fun to say goodbye so a guest says goodbye to her audience for her.) Hopefully, season 2 is filled with even more songs, bits, and important news stories from Ruffin because that's what made season 1 of her show so special. She didn't hold back and made sure we got all the information and history we needed. Basically, Ruffin is incredible at her job.

The Amber Ruffin Show hits Peacock again on October 8 for the second season and now that Ruffin has a studio audience for the first time (and of course, a Tarik Davis), the show is better than every and a testament to how talented Ruffin is.

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