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Thursday, September 30, 2021

The 9 Best Starmyu Season 1 Songs, Ranked

Released in 2015, Starmyu follows the journey of Yuta Hoshitani, a boy who is inspired to become a musical star after seeing a high schooler from Ayanagi Academy performing in the rain. Despite having no prior experience in the performing arts, Hoshitani enters Ayanagi Academy and auditions to be a part of the musical department. He noticeably lacks talent, but one of the third year mentors, Itsuki Otori, choses him to be part of his star team. The anime focuses on the star team learning to work together, Hoshitani improving his singing, dancing, and acting, and the team trying to earn their spot as the top group of Ayanagi Academy.

It’s a pretty typical idol anime, and as most people know, idol anime is all about the music. Starmyu is no different. With twenty-five songs in its first season alone, it’s jam packed with a myriad of musical numbers, both solo and group. The sound of the series is one of its strongest points, but every soundtrack has songs that rise above the rest. Without further ado, here are the top nine songs of Starmyu’s first season!

9. "Star of Stars"

Performed by Team Hiragi during a training camp, “Star of Stars” is an upbeat tune with slightly jazzy undertones that really plays into the personality of the group. Composed of Rui Tatsumi, Eigo Sawatari, Akira Ugawa, Izumi Toraishi, and Seishiro Inumine, Team Hiragi is considered to be the most promising star team due to the members having previous performing experience and the highest audition marks. As such, they are all about flare, polish, and coordination, and they know they’re the best of the best. “Star of Stars” is the most memorable Team Hiragi performance of the first season, and it has a beat that is easy to shimmy along to.

8. "My Friend (If You Are Satisfied With Me)"

A solo number from Team Otori’s Toru Nayuki, “My Friend (If You Are Satisfied With Me)” is a slower, bright pop piece that Nayuki sings to Hoshitani to encourage him and let him know that he’s willing to help him in anyway he can so he can improve. It’s a sweet song that showcases Nayuki’s kind personality and his friendship with Hoshitani. Even though it isn’t as uptempo or exciting as some of the other numbers in the series, it’s still catchy and provides a refreshingly gentle sound amidst all of the upbeat group and solo performances.

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7. "Stride of a Star"

“Stride of a Star” is a solo song from Team Otori’s Yuta Hoshitani and is one of the first songs of the series, occurring at the end of the first episode when Hoshitani returns to the place he was first inspired to pursue his dream of being a musical star. It’s an incredibly catchy, fun, and motivational song that starts slow and suddenly bursts into an upbeat sound. It holds the same bright and twinkling optimism that Hoshitani possesses in the pursuit of his goals, which makes a great song to listen to when you’re feeling down or when you need a little motivation.

6. "Stardust Movement"

A group number from Team Otori, “Stardust Movement” is a heartfelt pop number the team performs in response to their mentor, Otori, leaving. Its uptempo, electronic beat has moments of intense strings that add a nice amount of emotion to the number and make it one of the more memorable songs of the first season. It’s a song that’s easy to listen to over and over, and each time, you can manage to find a new part that you didn’t notice before.

5. "Seishun Countdown"

Most people have a love-hate relationship with “Seishun Countdown.” It’s performed by Team Otori and serves as the ending for the first season. There’s something really magical about an ending that is both enjoyable and incredibly frustrating because it always seems to show up at the most inopportune times (such as a huge emotional cliffhanger). “Seishun Countdown,” however, is more enjoyable than anything with its upbeat melody and fantastic blending of the voices of Team Otori. It’s also hard to resist dancing to it; there’s something about it that just makes you want to pretend you’re a musical star yourself.

4. "Radiant Mind"

A solo song from Team Otori’s Shu Kuga, “Radiant Mind” has a slightly different sound than most of the songs in the series. Instead of being done in a straight pop or showtune style, it adds in some rock elements to suit Kuga’s edgier personality. It’s performed after Kuga accepts Hoshitani and Nayuki’s friendship and revolves around his desire to create his own path to success. It’s a standout number in the series due to its unique sound, and it is one of the songs that is most likely to make it onto your playlist due to how fun it is to listen to.

3. "World of Flowers"

“World of Flowers” is one of the solo numbers from Team Otori’s Kakeru Tengenji. It’s performed after Kaito Tsukigami insults Tengenji's ability to cooperate with the team because of his noble background. Thus, the lyrics of the song revolve around how serious he is about his career and goals and refuses to be dragged down by people who aren’t making the same effort as him. This song reflects Tengenji’s background as a famous kabuki actor by adding traditional Japanese instruments to the pop-rock melody. This blending of traditional and modern sound and the solid, well performed vocals makes “World of Flowers” one of the most memorable songs of the series in general and definitely highlights Tengenji’s intense, confident personality.

2. "Ayanagi Showtime" (Team Otori version)

The first group number performed by Team Otori, made up of Yuta Hoshitani, Toru Nayuki, Kaito Tsukigami, Kakeru Tengenji, and Shu Kuga, “Ayanagi Showtime” is first debuted by Team Hiragi as a more traditional showtune, but is taken in a different direction by Team Otori. Team Otori’s version adds a more pop beat and dips into darker, edgier sounds at times to create a more dynamic arrangement of the song that blows Team Hiragi’s version out of the water. It’s the best example in the first season of Team Otori’s sound and how they enjoy taking different perspectives on Ayanagi Academy’s traditions.

1. "Limited Sky"

A solo number from Team Otori’s Kaito Tsukigami, “Limited Sky” is performed as Tsukigami walks back to his dormitory after his famous brother’s award ceremony. The song is an electronic pop piece that centers around feeling like no matter how far you reach, you can’t grab what’s in front of you and feeling as though no matter how loud you are, you’re never heard. It’s not only the catchiest song of the first season, but also one of the most relatable in the series in general. It’s one of those songs that you feel the need to sing along to every time you hear it, even if you don’t know the words, because it’s that amazing at conveying its message.

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