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Monday, September 27, 2021

Succession Season 3 Posters Present the Show’s Iconic Duos

HBO’s Emmy award-winning series Succession has released four new posters revealed on the series official Twitter account in anticipation of the upcoming third season.

The posters portray four of the fans’ favorite dynamics (but also somewhat tragic) duos in the show. The most intense of these posters show Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) staring down his father Logan Roy (Brian Cox), showcasing the primary conflict of the series.

Another poster features Matthew Macfadyen and Nicholas Braun, as the relationship between Tom and Gregory is nothing short of volatile and toxic (for poor Greg) with a master/servant dynamic. The poster reflects this in the way both of Tom’s hands are holding Greg’s shoulders in a way that affirms control and dominance. However, Greg’s expression tells us that he’s probably not as submissive as Tom assumes he is. This power dynamic has had a significant shift in the second half of Season 2, when Greg decided to save some of the documents Tom had wanted to toss into the fire and effectively destroy evidence of Waystar’s legal wrongdoings. These documents he saved, were later used as ammunition by Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), in the jaw-opening last scene of the season. The poster assures fans in a way that they can expect more of Tom and Greg’s interactions and power struggle in the next season.

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On the other hand, another poster showcases legal counselor Gerri and one of the Roy siblings, Roman, portrayed by J. Smith-Cameron and Kieran Culkin respectively. The second season of Succession brought a new dimension to Gerri’s and Roman’s relationship. What had appeared to previously be an almost stern motherly relationship between the two in Season 1, developed into something sexual in Season 2. Although not necessarily physical, their relationship has gained a new facet that the two would be better off keeping secret. The recent poster shows how Gerri has her arm relaxedly resting on Roman’s shoulder. It reflects the way Gerri has an upper hand by having something Roman actively wants and pursues. In this relationship, in spite of their hierarchical position in the Roy family, Gerri’s is the dominant one while Roman is the submissive one and the poster certainly builds up expectations that this dangerous liaison will continue into Season 3.

Finally, we also have a poster featuring Shiv Roy and Connor Roy, played by Sarah Snook and Alan Ruck, respectively. This brother and sister combo both look directly at the viewer, as they also look ready to claim power in the upcoming season.

Succession’s Season 3 will premiere on October 17. Check out the four new character posters below.

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