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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Star Wars Characters Who Deserve A Major Comeback

Star Wars has no shortage of famous heroes and villains ranging from Luke Skywalker to Rey to Palpatine, and everyone in between. But for many die-hard fans of this series, it’s always been the background characters of Star Wars that have always been the most enjoyable. This franchise has always been committed to depicting a galaxy far, far away that’s bustling with activity beyond what’s going on with our protagonists. This means that your average scene in a Star Wars movie or TV show is bound to be packed with aliens with cool designs, hovering on the edges of the frame, just there chilling.

The combination of distinctive appearances with minimal screentime can’t help but set one’s imagination to work in wondering “what’s their story?” That’s one of the beautiful things about Star Wars, the way each character, from the protagonists to the background extras, seems to have their own worlds to inhabit. Of course, not every throwaway extra-terrestrial is able to headline their own solo project, but that doesn’t mean that some of these memorable bit players couldn’t make a fantastic comeback. After all, there are tons of Star Wars movies and TV shows on the horizon, surely there could be a place for some fan-favorite obscure Star Wars characters to return.

In fact, there are nine particular Star Wars figures, compiled from various pieces of Star Wars media, that seem primed and ready to make a comeback of some kind in near-future projects in this franchise. The background figures of Star Wars have always been one of the best parts of this saga and it’s time to bring some of the best of those individuals back, including one particular alien that’s gifted with carrying a tune…

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Max Rebo

He’s blue, looks like an elephant, and also has no legs (depending on which version of the character you’ve stumbled upon). He’s Max Rebo, an adorable little critter that loves to play music, like on Jabba’s party barge in Return of the Jedi. Though that ship exploded, nothing in official Star Wars canon confirms that Rebo actually bit the dust during Luke Skywalker’s escape from the Sarlaac pit. What a perfect starting point to explore more of Rebo’s post-Return of the Jedi exploits, especially since many upcoming Star Wars properties are set to take place on Tatooine, the last planet viewers saw Rebo on. Surely there’s room in The Book of Boba Fett or the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show to utilize the Tatooine backdrops as an opportunity to bring back Max Rebo. After all, you can’t keep a good musician down, especially one that’s this precious-looking.

Dexter Jettster

So many people in the Star Wars prequels trilogy come off as lifeless or mechanical. Leave it to a totally CGI diner owner named Dexter Jettster to register as the most human creation in the whole series of movies. Briefly seen in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones as an old friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jettster does more in his screentime than exude a friendly presence and deliver the one piece of profanity across the entire prequel trilogy. His knowledge about the mysterious Kamino cloners suggests that he’s a guy with decades of experience under his belt. It’s time to explore more of this tantalizing creation, even if it’s just a cameo during a reunion between himself and Obi-Wan during the latter’s upcoming Disney+ show. However or wherever he appears, the world needs more of Jettster, who brought so much humanity and warmth to the prequel trilogy.

Jocasta Nu

First introduced in Star Wars: Attack of the Clonesas the keeper of information in the Jedi Archive, Jocasta Nu, in her minimal screentime, comes off as someone with years of stories to tell. She’s got such an assured presence that, combined with her age, makes it seem like she’s seen it all before. We could follow her further adventures after the Jedi Order fell in projects like The Bad Batch or the Obi-Wan Kenobi show would be a welcome opportunity to get to know Nu and her skills better. Surely her entire existence isn't just defined by restocking shelves in the Jedi Library. Heck, if they really wanted to entangle her in the deeper trenches of Star Wars lore, they could even reveal that she's got a romantic history with Ackmena...

Constable Zuvio

Poor Constable Zuvio. This character was such a fixture of pre-release merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that his action figure made a brief cameo in a Saturday Night Live sketch. That was more screentime than he got in the actual film, where he’s only briefly seen as a blur in the background of a chase sequence. While spin-off merchandise, like a book, has attempted to flesh out the backstory of Zuvio, it’s time he got an appearance in a Star Wars movie or TV show worthy of all that merchandise that once dominated store shelves. Surely this Constable wasn’t always on Jakkuu. Bring this character to any planet shows like The Book of Boba Fett travel to and let’s explore more of the internal life of Constable Zuvio.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars has no shortage of memorable bounty hunter characters, including Embo. Voiced by the show’s creator, Dave Filoni, Embo registered as cool largely because of his hat, which, like Captain America’s shield could be used as a nifty offensive and defensive weapon. Plus, the level of mystery surrounding this figure made Embo, like Boba Fett and Bossk before him, a figure you couldn’t help but be captivated by. Embo never got a proper resolution in The Clone Wars, but that doesn’t mean he has to vanish from all Star Wars media forever. Other Star Wars media set in and around the seedy underbelly of this universe, like The Bad Batch or The Book of Boba Fett, could easily find an organic home to further explore the exploits of Embo.


Klaud is only seen for a moment in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker but boy does he leave an impression. An immense alien resembling a banana slug, your imagination can’t help but be captivated by this guy. What’s his story? How did he come to fight for the Resistance? Does he have the intelligence of a slug or is he secretly possessing a hyper-intellect? There’s so much going on with Klaud even with his minimal amount of screentime, it’d feel like a waste not to use him again. Now, not all background characters can sustain lead roles, and a sense of mystery is so integral to Klaud that nobody should be greenlighting "Klaud: A Star Wars Story". But surely there’s space in projects like Lando or Rogue Squadron to at least bring him back as someone lingering in the background that entertains the audience just by existing.

Mother Talzin

Debuting in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Mother Talzin leads a group of women on the planet Dathomir known as the Nightsisters. Armed with mystical powers, she's connected to the backstories of several key Star Wars characters like Asajj Ventress or Savage Oppress, but she never got a proper conclusion on The Clone Wars. The last time she was seen was in a brief cameo in a season six episode involving Mace Windu and Jar-Jar Binks. While she was killed off in a comic book storyline based on scripts for unmade Clone Wars episodes, surely that media can be jettisoned or even worked around (surely magic can overcome getting stabbed with a lightsaber) thus ensuring we get more Talzin in future Star Wars properties. Given her unique powerset, as well as the way she’s intertwined with so much of Star Wars lore, it'd be a waste not to bring her back in some capacity in a future Star Wars project, perhaps as a baddie in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s solo TV show.

Therm Scissorpunch

Yes, unlike the moniker Snaggletooth, that is the actual canonical name of Therm Scissorpunch. Appearing as a player during a pivotal gambling scene that includes Han Solo and Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, there’s no way someone with the last name Scissorpunch should be reduced to just being a background player. Bring this character back, let’s expand on who exactly Therm Scissorpunch is. Considering where he first appeared in this universe, perhaps he could even show up in that solo Lando show that’s on the horizon. The fact that Therm Scissorpunch doesn’t get any discernible personality in his screen time also makes him an exciting personality to fold into new Star Wars stories. This oddball alien is a total blank slate, he can go anywhere and do anything…so long as you keep that incredible last name.


Let’s be gentle here and say that Lumpy’s (A.K.A. Lumpwaroo) most prominent Star Wars appearance to date has been in a divisive piece of media. Taking on a quasi-lead role in The Star Wars Holiday Special, Lumpy has earned a lot of scorn from internet comments over the years, not all of it unwarranted. However, since Lumpy is officially canon in the new Star Wars timeline established by Disney/Lucasfilm, why not bring this character back and use him for a purpose beyond helping set up stale celebrity cameos in a 1970s variety special? After all, there must be some interesting narratives to explore concerning a figure who’s the offspring of one of the most famous figures in the galaxy far, far away. It can’t be easy being the son of Chewbacca and that’s just one of many potential stories upcoming Star Wars entities could explore.

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