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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Ranking of Kings Trailer Reveals Adorable Fantasy Anime

Funimation announced that they will be streaming a new anime called Ranking of Kings adapted by Attack on Titan's WIT Studio, and released the first trailer for the show, teasing an epic and heartfelt adventure in a high fantasy world.

Ranking of Kings is directed by Yosuke Hatta, with character design by Atsuko Nozaki. MAYUKO will be composing the music for it, and the opening theme 'BOY' is performed by King Gnu.

The trailer focuses on the main character Bojji, who is revealed early on to be deaf and mute, but is also heir to the kingdom he lives in. We can see in the trailer that many of the citizens question if he'll be a good king, but his parents seem confident that the young prince has the potential to be a great king, and maybe even the best in the world. Bojji meets a mysterious creature named Kage, which ends up being a life-changing encounter for both of them. We also see another character who looks to overthrow the kingdom and become the next king instead. The rest of the trailer is a montage of various scenes in the upcoming anime, showing some battles, funny scenes and more characters who will be a part of the story.

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Ranking of Kings is based on the manga of the same name, which was created by Tōka Sōsuke and first debuted in 2017. In this world, there is a system known as the Ranking of Kings, which is based on a few factors such as how prosperous your nation is, how many powerful warriors it has, and how heroic and strong the king is. King Bosse, who is the father of Bojji and the current king, is ranked number seven in the Ranking of Kings. Because Bojji is deaf and mute, and so weak that he can't swing a sword, much of the public looks down on him and see him as unfit to be king. Once he has a fateful encounter with Kage however, both of their lives take a dramatic turn.

Along with releasing the trailer, Funimation has announced that Ranking of Kings will be streaming exclusively on their streaming service, and will debut with English subtitles on October 15, 2021. You can check out the trailer for Ranking of Kings below.

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