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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Nintendo Making Six-Button Genesis Controller for Switch but Only in Japan

During the latest Nintendo Direct, the company announced that they would be expanding the Nintendo Switch Online service to include a handful of Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games. They also announced that to go with this, they would be releasing modern versions of controllers from those consoles, however one of these will be exclusive to Japan.

Most regions will have to play the original, three-button version of the Genesis controller. Nintendo will also be creating a six-button version of this controller, but will only be selling this in Japan. A representative of Nintendo of America explained this decision, stating that "different regions make different decisions based on a variety of factors." They also added that "for the U.S. and Canada, a replica of the original SEGA Genesis controller is the available model.

This was by far the more widely used and well-known SEGA Genesis controller in these regions." This makes sense, since the six-button version of the Genesis controller didn't debut until over four years after the launch of the console in 1993, and was mainly created for fighting games such as Street Fighter 2.

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In addition to these SEGA Genesis controllers, Nintendo will also be selling modern wireless versions of the Nintendo 64 controller. Both of these will cost $49.99, and will only be available to Nintendo Switch Onlin subscribers. There is currently no release date for them, but it should be noted that these controllers will not be required to play these retro games. You will be able to play games such as Sonic the Hedgeho 2 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time just fine with either your Joy-Cons or Pro Controller.

You can check out the announcement Tweet, which features a picture of the both of the upcoming controllers, below.

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