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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Nancy Drew: Nick and George's Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

Two seasons into The CW’s Nancy Drew, Ned “Nick” Nickerson (Tunji Kasim) and George Fan (Leah Lewis) are already engaged and ready to be married as quickly as possible. Considering the entirety of the show has taken place over, like, seven months, doesn’t this seem a little quick? Most of Nick and George’s relationship development, from the first kiss to saying they loved each other, occurred during the span of the Aglaeca story… which was about a week in the show’s timeline from “The Terror of Horseshoe Bay” to “The Drowned Woman.” While together for all of Season 2, it’s not like much more time passed then either.

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Love them or not, it has been quite a slap in the face for many fans to see how quickly Nick and Nancy’s relationship was shut down, despite him being one of Nancy’s (Kennedy McMann) canon love interests from the source material. Add that to how rapidly this relationship between Nick and George was developed and pushed forward, practically overtaking the characters entirely, and some have had a hard time accepting this direction the show has taken.

Over the course of Nancy Drew Season 2, it felt like a special occasion when Nick and George were allowed to interact with characters other than each other in a meaningful way. Often, it felt like they were not allowed to exist on the show unless in the presence of the other. It’s disappointing as both characters are so interesting and full of potential. George’s overarching story was about grappling with having Odette’s spirit tethered to her own and the very real possibility of this cutting her life short. While, yes, George’s potential/impending death impacts Nick as they’re in a romantic relationship, we missed out on quite the opportunity to make this about George’s family. George does everything she can to support her family since her mother is an alcoholic and not willing and/or unable to step up to the task and this plotline definitely should be explored more

Meanwhile, we didn’t really see much from Nick outside of what was happening with George either. Sure, there were a couple of episodes where he decided to put the millions he received from Tiffany Hudson posthumously to use and try to improve the quality of Horseshoe Bay, particularly for the black residents. That’s fantastic, and that’s what we want to see more of! But, primarily, Nick was George’s love interest instead of a vital member of the Drew Crew, unable to even have a conversation where George was not mentioned or involved in some way.

One aspect of Nick and George’s relationship that is incredibly frustrating is how they are depicted as being the perfect couple with all of their issues being ignored. The main reason Nick broke up with Nancy during Season 1 was Nancy’s inability to open up to him and stop keeping secrets, whether that be about what’s going on in her life or how she’s feeling. It quite literally split them up, and made it so Nick felt that he couldn’t trust Nancy. But, during Season 2, George did the exact same thing and Nick was fine with it. George is probably the most closed off person on the show and her secrets were unarguably worse. She kept the fact that she had a ghost residing in her from Nick for weeks. She did not tell him, until she absolutely had to, that Odette’s short life was shortening her own, making it uncertain of how long she had left.

Yet, not once did Nick have the same issues that he had when Nancy kept much less impactful secrets at the beginning of their relationship. It felt like a way to avoid actually developing their relationship and exploring why they work together romantically. It ruined the slight closure that fans had between Nancy and Nick because it was just George doing things he consistently criticized Nancy for. Maybe Nick is willing to let things like that slide with George, but why?

Nancy Drew desperately needs to slow things down and let this relationship breathe, so it can believably succeed and we can actually see why they are the amazing couple that the show makes them out to be. So much of it has felt rushed as so little time has passed in Horseshoe Bay. Nick and George have been together for a few months at most and have already moved in together and are planning their wedding. With George’s life being actively cut short (though she still has several years left), it’s understandable that they want to do something like that. But, given how slowly time passes on the show and that George is only about 18/19, there’s absolutely no reason we can’t spend quite a while in the engagement period and watch their relationship grow through their triumphs and hardships.

We’ve had little teases of how Nick and George fit in with each other’s family. Let’s see more of that. Plus, George moved in with Nick without even considering the impact that would have on her three sisters in a house with their irresponsible mother. Not that George should have to be their mother figure, but that has been a huge part of her character. Moving out felt like an odd decision for her to make, especially so quickly. That’s something that, for George and her relationship with Nick, would be worth diving into. Nick, on the other hand, feels quite a big responsibility to his community and now has the means to make an enormous difference. How does Nick balance that feeling of responsibility between his community and the action he wants to take to improve it with his relationship with George? Conflict and resolution over time management and attention is a big story and issue for couples. This is a great chance to explore that.

These are just a few ideas, but there are so many options to take advantage of and to test their relationship before they tie the knot. It feels like the writers forget that Nick and George can have a strong relationship with each other while still having stories outside of this and interacting with other characters. All of the focus is just put on the next step they can take in their relationship without any growth to accompany that step. Going forward, the show should actually address the issues between them, let the characters explore their lives separately and together, but most of all make the wedding feel like a well-earned reward. Their relationship doesn’t quite feel believable because of how quickly they’ve moved forward and how issues between them are completely glossed over.

There are viewers who still aren’t over Nancy and Nick’s relationship either, so slowing things down between George and Nick could give those fans some closure and the ability to see Nick and George as a great match. At times, it feels like Nick and George wouldn’t be together if Nancy had opened up to him, which shouldn’t be the case for the show’s most “solid” couple. Nick and George’s upcoming wedding on Nancy Drew Season 3 feels like just something else that’s happening on the show. It’s not an event that provokes a feeling of excitement or satisfaction. Nick and George should have that kind of hype for such a special day in their lives. However, unless we slow things down and show both the ups and the downs of their romance, what’s the point in watching their mostly surface-level relationship continue? What’s there to look forward to?

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