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Thursday, September 9, 2021

My Hero Academia Reportedly Going on Hiatus

This is news no avid fan wants to get just when the plot was getting so intricate. Reportedly, My Hero Academia manga is going on an unexpected hiatus. With the beginning of this Final Act in the beloved series, creator and manga artist Kohei Horikoshi has being unrelenting in showering fans with a succession of epic chapters, with stakes having reached their peak.

In the most recent chapters of the manga, Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku), has begrudgingly been "dragged" back to UA by his classmates. With heroes suffering from public scrutiny and criticism like never before, Deku’s secret and the reveled target on his back has everybody on edge. Meanwhile, the heroes are waiting for antagonist Tomura Shigaraki and villain mastermind One For All to make their move.

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Unfortunately for fans, although we have been blessed with a weekly dose of My Hero Academia both due to the anime’s season 5 and the ongoing manga, it seems that the series latest chapter will not be featured in the #41 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The news of this potential hiatus was shared by the Twitter account @atsuchi101X who declared that there wouldn’t be a new chapter this week but that it would be delayed for issue #42.

It may be that Horikoshi needed a break before diving into this intense final arc to the series, although an official reason for the week-long hiatus has not been officially divulged. It must be noted that the delay has not been confirmed by either the creator nor the My Hero Academia team as of yet. Popular Manga sites still label chapter 326 as being released next weekend as scheduled. What we can say is that fans should expect the next chapter to come out on September 19 (September 20 in Japan).

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