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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Most Important Character Is Dio Brando

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an anime series with an inexplicable, bizarre level of stardom. It’s an absurd tale about overly muscled men fighting outrageous vampires, gods, rock humans, aliens, and metaphysical, magical “stands”. At times, it can all sound like complete nonsense. And yet, its weirdness hits just the right chord to be loveable. charming and tons of fun, earning the series a very dedicated fanbase.

Despite following the complex Joestar family tree, though, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure arguably has a completely different star: the first villain and the man of many memes himself, Dio Brando. No matter how many awful things he does, no matter how many times he dies, Dio has proven to be the kind of character that defines their show. Just as he shaped the history of the Joestar family, he does the same for the show itself.

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Who is Dio?

Dio is first introduced in the first season, Phantom Blood. He is the son of a criminal that tricked the noble George Joestar into thinking he helped him and his son survive a stormy night. When his criminal father dies, Dio uses that life debt to live with the Joestars and get a better education and life for himself. Meanwhile, he also immediately begins terrorizing Johnathan Joestar, George’s only son. Throughout their childhood, Dio does absolutely abhorrent things, he beats Johnathan to a pulp, steal his girlfriend's first kiss, and kills his dog. However, the character does them with such absurdist zeal that he steals every scene. As adults, he then also kills George Joestar and turns into an immortal vampire threatening to take over the world (like one does). Johnathan is forced to learn a mystical fighting technique to be able to face him and destroy his body. Jonathan wins, but Dio’s head (yes, just his head) and a vampiric minion eventually take over and burn down Johnathan’s honeymoon cruise, making it look like the two rivals took each other out in the end.

Dio’s Influence

Despite ‘dying” in the first season, Dio’s activities influence almost every other of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, spanning six parts, seven seasons, and seven generations of Joestars. That doesn’t even include the two spin-off, parallel world manga series that the creator, Hirohiko Araki, has made. He was the main villain for Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders. His use of the vampiric mask awakened the pillar-men from Battle Tendency, his powerful bow kickstarted the trouble in Kosuke’s hometown in Diamond is Unbreakable. He fathered the main character of Golden Wind, Giorno Giovanna, and one of his fiercest acolytes is the main villain of the upcoming Stone Ocean. Without Dio, quite literally none of these crazed adventures would have ever happened to the Joestar family. The man has been dead since season 4 and yet, major segments of the plot revolve around him throughout season 7. Even in the soft rebooting of the timeline, Steel Ball Run, Deigo (Dio) Brando is a major antagonist for fellow racer, Johnny Joestar.

It’s not just in-story influence, either. There are many meta examples of Dio’s design and story bleeding into other parts of the series. For example, all the other JoJo’s villains lean towards being bombastic, self-absorbed, and are prone to extreme violence. These are common traits in baddies, but the vaillains in JoJo’s also wear stark fashion choices and five out of the seven main baddies have had platinum blonde or white hair. That seems like a pretty distinct style that Dio kicked off, doesn't it? However, out of all of JoJo’s stories, there is one that Dio has no involvement in: JoJoLion. However, the main inciting incident for the story, Josefumi and Kira fusing into one person, is reminiscent of Dio taking Johnathan Joestar's body to become a stronger being than before. Being a Joestar, of course, Josefumi’s intentions were noble, not nefarious, but the plot point is still the same: starting a story with a body fusion.

Everybody Loves Dio

The reason that Dio has become such an untouchable staple of the series is two-fold: not only do fans love him, but clearly the author loves him, too. In JOJO! A-GO!GO!, an artbook released, highlighting Stardust Crusaders and Golden Wind, Araki named his top 10 favorite characters. This included Dio as well as his son, Giorno, and three other characters from Golden Wind’s mob-centric story. Even if the author didn’t feel so passionately about Dio, pressure from fans would make him think twice about abandoning the character. Dio has easily become one of the most iconic characters of the series, a man who delights in cruelty, power and playing God. After all, who else would name their Stand “The World”. And once the anime series hit the internet? He became easily memeable, with his different poses, fantastically villainous lines, and great facial expressions. If the author had abandoned Dio after Phantom Blood, the fan reaction to Dio easily could have convinced him to bring him back later on.

Dio The Undying

So, yes, Dio is beloved and involved in everything. However, Dio has died multiple times now. Doesn’t that mean that he becomes less important? Yes and no. Dio may be a killable villain, but he also keeps coming back. In the series, it has become clear that, even against all logic, Dio can survive and persevere through many horrible fates, from house fires to decapitation. No series proves this more than Steel Ball Run. In there, Diego (Dio) dies not once, but twice. He’s killed when he’s torn in half by a train, but then Funny Valentine brings back a Dio from a parallel universe. Ultimately that Dio dies, too, but these are the kinds of absurd situations that result in his many returns.

Now, the last series that Araki wrote, JoJoLion, technically did not include Dio at all, but that's been the rare exception to Dio's powerful ripple effect. But if people can just pull Dio Brandos from parallel universes, it’s impossible to say whether or not Dio will come back in JoJoLands, Araki’s upcoming series. After all, if we’ve accepted that there are parallel worlds, something called “Lands”, they would be a pretty good place to explore that. Whether it does imply world-hopping or not, based on his history, Dio could be back at any moment and fans would happily welcome it.

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