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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Inside Job Teaser Trailer Reveals Animated Show About Conspiracy Theories

The official Twitter of Inside Job released a new teaser that tells us more about the characters of the adult animated series created by Shion Takeuchi, known as a writer in series such as Gravity Falls and Regular Show.

The new teaser takes the point of view of a spy invading the secret base of the Inside Job team and taking pictures of a board that has the name of the main characters and a short and disturbing description of their true nature.

The teaser presents us to Reagan Ridley (voiced by Lizzy Caplan), “mad roboticist/team leader”; Andre Lee (voiced by Bobby Lee), “public health biochemist”; Myc (voiced by Brett Gelman), “sentient fungus from Hollow Earth”; Alpha Beta, “undisclosed”; Brett Hand (voiced by Clark Duke), “unpaid intern”; Glen Dolphman Brett Hand (voiced by John DiMaggio), “50% dolphin, 100% soldier”; Gigi Thompson (voiced by Tisha Campbell), “PR and media manipulation”; and Rand Ridley (voiced by Christian Slater), “retired.” Glad to know that the show mixes reality with fantasy by tapping on our sad collective memories as unpaid interns.

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Inside Job will follow the crew of Cognito Inc., a department responsible for hiding the truth about the wackiest conspiracy theories you ever stumbled upon on the internet. Oh, and for the show, they are all true. So, there really are reptilians in the government, and there never was a Moon landing.

Although part of what makes Inside Job interesting is how the series seems to be willing to poke fun at conspiracy theories, the involvement of Takeuchi indicates that we can expect an intelligent show with well-written plot and characters. Inside Job is also executive produced by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch, increasing our expectations even more.

All 20 episodes of the first season of Inside Job come to Netflix on October 22. Check the new teaser below.

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