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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Foundation Featurette Reveals Difficulties of Adapting Asimov's Book

Apple TV+ has released a new first look at the upcoming adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s epic masterpiece, Foundation. The series follows a group of scientists who set out to rebuild and preserve human knowledge after calculating the date of the end of civilization.

In the new featurette, David Goyer sits down to discuss how the production went about staying faithful to the original novels and adapting them for the screen. A future of the cast members also chimed in to share their thoughts about the series.

"Foundation is the greatest science fiction work of all time," Goyer said in the first look. "And it's never been brought to the screen before. It was such a phenomenal influence on the Star Wars universe. Even things like Dune were influenced by Foundation." Isaac Asimov's seminal work was first published in 1942 and it went on to have a massive influence on every piece of science fiction consumed today.

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In 1998, New Line Cinema had plans to adapt the series into a trilogy, but ended up adapting J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings instead. Apple is the first to commit to adapting Foundation and this first look proves that they spared no expenses in creating a high-quality, awe-inspiring series.

In addition to showrunner and executive producer Goyer, the series is produced for Apple by Skydance Television with Robyn Asimov, Josh Friedman, Cameron Welsh, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Marcy Ross also serving as executive producers.

Foundation stars Jared Harris as Dr. Hari Seldon, Lee Pace as Brother Day, Lou Llobell as Gaal Dornick, Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin, Laura Birn as Demerzel, Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk, Cassian Bilton as Brother Dawn, and Alfred Enoch as Raych.

The series arrives on Apple TV+ starting September 24. Check out the new trailer below:

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