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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Top 10 Characters Ranked

When it comes to RPGs, (Role-Playing Games) one of the most enjoyable aspects of the games revolves around the ever-growing cast of characters that you get to interact with. It’s been a staple of the genre for decades now, and it continues to act as one of the finest ways to convey personal storytelling. Final Fantasy VII has one of the most beloved casts in all video games, so it came as no surprise that when the remake for the classic JRPG was announced, the feature that fans were most excited for was their new interpretations. With that in mind, below are the top 10 characters of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, including its DLC (Downloadable Content), 'Intermission'.

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10. Reno

The scrappy member of the Turks, Reno’s red hair is a great representation of his personality. His introduction is one of the most fun in the game, as he enters the scene at an important moment between Cloud and Aerith. His reaction to Cloud’s explanation that he’s a Soldier is also really funny, as fans of the original game will see this as a nice wink and nod to later reveals. His relationship with Rude, as seen in the rooftop fight, is the type of brotherly bond that makes the Turks as a group really interesting. Like Rude, his involvement in the plate falling, how he appears to come to terms with it, and his reaction to Tseng’s reasoning is fascinating to watch unfold.

9. Madam M

A character that’s brand new to the game is Madam M. Integrated seamlessly into the overall story, her presence is definitely welcome, and one that adds just the right amount of spice. Her introduction is one of the most memorable moments in the entire game, and it’s one of the only times the player gets to see a breakdown in Cloud’s character. Seeing her at the Honey Bee Inn when Cloud performs, as well as her outburst in the tournament, are incredibly memorable moments. Her performance is made even better if you play in Japanese, as you’ll be met with a funny surprise in one particular scene.

8. Sonon Kusakabe

Introduced in the 'Intermission' DLC, Sonon makes an interesting addition to the greater cast of characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s great because he’s a character that, like Yuffie, hails from Wutai, and because of that, during their interactions, the audience gets to see Yuffie open up more about her home and her relationship with her father. The team behind the game surprisingly does a lot to showcase his backstory, really making you care for him in a short amount of time, especially in comparison to a number of other new characters in the game. We saw them try to do this in the base game with Leslie, but their execution works better here with Sonon. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if his presence is still felt in the following instalments.

7. Rude

Along with Reno, Rude is the most prominent member of the Turks in Final Fantasy VII Remake. What makes him even more interesting is his relationship with Aerith. It’s also made clear that Aeirth at least cares a little bit for him, especially when she tries to call off the fight between him and Cloud. The Turks themselves are some of the more interesting characters in the game, and it’s touched upon a bit here, as they have to deal with the outcome of the plate falling. There are also fun little nods to later portions of the original game involving Rude that fans will no doubt pick up on, such as his infatuation with Tifa.

6. Jessie Rasberry

It’s fair to say that out of all the characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Jessie was the one that got expanded on the most. Almost a throwaway character in the original game, she’s explored in a way that most fans of the original had hoped for when they heard that the first game was going to expand on a lot of aspects of the original. She’s also the only member of Avalanche to get her own type of big story moment. It was her “chapter”, which saw Cloud travel up to the upper plate of Midgar alongside her, Wedge and Biggs, that acted as the first real big departure from the original game. Learning about her through her parents, as well as her background as a daughter of a Shinra employee, really fleshed out her complexity, and made her connection to Avalanche all the more interesting.

5. Barret Wallace

Barret is a character who, like Tifa, really gets to shine in later portions of the original game. With that being said, his portrayal here is familiar, yet also different. He’s a character that comes off incredibly brash at the start of the game, yet it all appears to be coming from a caring place. Because of that, he becomes more likable the further the game progresses, even when he’s yelling at Cloud. Though he can sometimes be seen as hot-headed, he oftentimes is also the most level-headed in the group. His relationship with Tifa, and how he almost better understands her than Cloud at specific times, is really interesting. He’s unlike all the other characters in the game due to his relationship with Marlene, which gives us another reason to root for him.

4. Yuffie Kisaragi

Who would have believed that the inclusion of Yuffie on a ranking of characters could be so high up, yet, here we are. In the same way that Aerith benefited the most from the expanded nature of the game through the remake, so did Yuffie. This time around she’s more fleshed out, and her mission is made much more clear. Unlike almost every other character in the game, she’s incredibly energetic and cheerful, but the game also showcases a more somber side to her, especially as more life-altering events unfold. If your only understanding of Yuffie is through previous properties, her characterization in 'Intermission' will leave you with a lot of confidence in what’s to come.

3. Tifa Lockheart

So much of Tifa, especially in this game, is about her relationship and how it connects to Cloud. Because of that, one of the best Tifa scenes in the game is actually between the two. It takes place early on after Cloud shows that he’s willing to murder any Shinra witnesses. It’s there that Tifa clearly realizes that the Cloud she once knew is now gone, as she tells him “’re scaring me”. There’s been a lot of talk about her reactions in the last quarter of the game, and how odd they seem. These actually come off as some of the most realistic character beats in the entire game, as her reaction to the plate falling, and how she initially blames Avalanche instead of Shinra, seems completely believable. She’s a character that’s now been wronged by Shinra multiple times, and she's partly broken because of it.

2. Cloud Strife

Cloud is a character that could easily be seen as aloof and edgy, but, more than anything, he’s a damaged and distant individual. This of course will become more clear in the later entries, but in the first part of the remake, his characterization is still great. Seeing him open up slowly, specifically when he first meets Aerith, showcases how complex of a character he is. He’s definitely rough around the edges, but as far as main characters in JRPGs are concerned, of whom they are often just blank slates meant for players to see themselves in, he’s one of the most interesting. His interpretation in the remake is great, and if the later story beats hit in the same way that they originally did, there’s a lot to look forward to.

1. Aerith Gainsborough

Getting what is probably the most impressive upgrade from her previous iterations, Aerith is the real star of the first instalment of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It definitely feels like the team behind the game have clearly realized that she’s the heart and soul of this first instalment, and the treatment she gets because of that is perfect. Her portion of the game with Cloud, and in turn her relationship with him, is one of the strongest aspects of the remake. The rooftop scene between her and Cloud, only moments after they escape, is one of the best character interaction moments in the entire game. Seeing her later take charge in Wall Market clearly showcases why her connection to Cloud is so important, and why the Aerith/Tifa war continues to rage on.

A lot of these characters weren’t just confined to their singular game, as they would go on to appear in movies like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. However, for a lot of people, this would be the first time many of them would be getting introduced to a number of these characters. The end result was really something special, and even a year later we’re still thinking about a number of them. Here’s hoping as the next entry is released, the team will continue to shape and portray these characters in the way fans love to see them.

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