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Sunday, September 12, 2021

David Lynch and Pharrell Have Opened an Insane Ibiza Nightclub

David Lynch and Pharrell Williams are two incredible creatives who are now...making a nightclub in Ibiza together? Lynch is no stranger to the absurd and loves to bring visual aspects of his works to life in new and exciting ways. El Silencio in Ibiza looks no different.

Designed by Miranda Makaroff, the club has a wide range of food, cocktails, music, and most likely Instagramable installations with Makaroff being involved. And who doesn't want to pose for an Instagram picture with the sunset in Ibiza behind them while they're seeing on...uh...fabric tentacles?

Decorated with "huge fabric tentacles, giant lips and swing seats", the nightclub sounds like something that you could expect to see in something from Lynch's catalog for shows or films but getting to head into his surreal nightclub in Ibiza might be as close to living in Twin Peaks as we're going to get. It just all feels very much like something we can expect from Lynch and throwing Williams into the mix is strange but not surprising, since there is very little that can actually be surprising when it comes to Lynch.

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The club is on the east side of the island and guests can expect to see "DJ sets and cocktails at the bar" where they can also dine at the Balearic-inspired restaurant. You can also take some food out onto the sand to eat from Williams’s ToGo street-food group. So get your food from Williams, your Instagram moments from Makaroff, and your vibes from Lynch. Honestly, that sounds like a time and a half.

This isn't the first time that Lynch has taken a dive into the nightclub life. Back in 2011, he opened a club in Paris called Club Silencio inspired by his 2001 film Mulholland Drive. According to TimeOut, the "subterranean members-only club – like its cinematic namesake – has its own concert hall, library and cinema." With two clubs that are a bit on the outrageous side, all we need is a restaurant inspired by Lynch's social media videos where he gives us the daily report.

So I guess it is time for us all to head to Ibiza together and go to this club to see how high we can swing or what tentacles and lips are around us while having some fun. Honestly, writing it out like this, this nightclub does feel super fun.

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