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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Darksiders 3 Ending Explained: Channel Your Fury

Darksiders III quickly became the most divisive entry on the beloved franchise after dropping the frantic hack-and-slash combat for a slower and more methodical way of fighting. While many fans were not pleased with the new approach, the game is nevertheless central to understanding the overall narrative of Darksiders, as it reveals further details about the Charred Council’s betrayal and the true destiny of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Just like with previous games, Darksiders III focuses on a single Horsemen journey, and this time Fury has her own deadly mission to complete, a task that will make her question her place in the universe. But how is Fury’s quest connected to her brothers’ crusades? And how does Darksiders III’s ending get us ready for the next game? No need to get furious while trying to understand it all. We’ll get to the heart of Darksiders III’s plot right away.

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The (Com)Plot Thickes

Darksiders III begins with Fury being summoned by the Charred Council after her brother War was arrested for supposedly unleashing the Apocalypse prematurely (Darksiders Ending Explained link). The Council informs Fury that her brother Strife is currently overseeing another task of utmost importance, while Death is missing. As we know from Darksiders II’s events, Death is going on a personal journey to revive Humanity and clear War’s name (Darksiders II Ending Explained link). So, it’s up to Fury to go down to Earth and hunt the Seven Deadly Sins, who escaped their prison amidst the Apocalypse.

The Seven Deadly Sins were brought down by the power of the Four Horsemen working together millennia ago, so the Charred Council warns Fury that taking up the mission all by herself would be more dangerous than anything she has ever faced. However, Fury is quick to anger, and her desire to prove herself worthy of leading the Horsemen makes her take up the mission with no hesitation. Before departing, the Council binds a Watcher to Fury so that they can always know what the Horsewoman does on her journey. War also has a parting gift to his sister, a warning that someone is conspiring against them and that she should watch her back.

When Fury arrives on Earth, she pays no mind to War’s warning. All she wants to do is to find the Sins and fulfill her mission. She soon crosses paths with Envy, from whom she retrieves the Talisman of Sin, an amulet created to hold the power of the Seven Deadly Sins inside it. Fury slays Envy, absorbs her into the Talisman, and goes on to hunt other Sins. Once Fury finds Wrath, the Horsewoman receives a vicious wake-up call when she discovers her stallion, Rampage, was mortally wounded by an angelic blade. There are indeed forces conspiring against her since she lost her precious ally when she needed it most. Fury could have met the same fate as Rampage, but her life is saved by the Lord of Hollows, a powerful being who teleports the Horsewoman away from the battlefield.

The Lord of Hollows is the only being capable of releasing immortal souls from the torment of always returning to the battlefield. All angels and demons slain in the eternal war go to the Well of Souls to be recycled and come back to Heaven and Hell, respectively. The Lord of Hollows offers a third option by giving those who chose it eternal rest. Although Fury doesn’t trust the Lord of Hollows right away, the being is more than willing to share some of his power with the Horsewoman, should she learn to control her temper and pay more attention to what’s happening around her. The Lord of Hollows also asks Fury to bring him the soul of a powerful demon named Abraxis.

As Fury slays other Sins, she learns more about the Lord of Hollows. Once, the being was part of the Charred Council but turned away from them once they became corrupt and no longer worked to protect the actual balance. It turns out that the Creator’s plan was always for the Third Kingdom, Humanity, to inherit the world. That’s because humans can evolve and improve instead of just repeating the same mistakes forever. Protecting the balance, then, means protecting Humanity. However, the Charred Council works only in favor of Heaven and Hell, leaving Humanity to fend for themselves. What’s worse, the Charred Council might have betrayed the Creator they swear to follow and helped to eliminate all of Humanity.

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Choose Your Fights

While there are some choices the player can make to change the ending of Darksiders III, the canon choice seems to be to give the Lord of Hollows the soul of Abraxis. Abraxis is the demon who’s in charg of building a tower for the Destroyer, the demonic commander War takes down in the first Darksiders. That means that killing Abraxis helps to diminish the Destroyer’s forces. Besides that, by deciding not to fight the Lord of Hollows and spare his life, Fury shows that she understood a true warrior must choose their fights instead of always jumping into conflict. The reward for these two choices is a Mysterious Stone Sigil, which adds a new scene during the game’s ending.

While Fury doesn’t know how to use the Sigil, the Horsewoman knows this relic is the key to protecting Humanity and keeping balance, a goal for which the Lord of the Hollows sacrifices himself. So, Fury holds the Sigil close to her while finishing her mission of hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins. Even though Fury now questions the Charred Council, she knows the Sins pose a danger for Humanity and must be taken down anyway.

The final Sin to fall to Fury’s blade is Pride, who reveals the Charred Council plotted against the Horsemen before dying. The Council released the Seven Deadly Sins on purpose and sent Fury after them in hopes the Horsewoman would fail in her mission. Although their goals are not revealed, the Charred Council wants both the Sins and the Horsemen dead. They are using forces from every corner of Creation as their pawns, and maybe the Council had even something to do with the Apocalypse itself.

Fury doesn’t have much time to ponder about the reveal, as it turns out Pride is not the last Sin alive. The creature Fury killed at the beginning of the game was not Envy, but a demon that held the Talisman to steal the power of the Sins. The actual Envy is hidden all this time as Fury’s Watcher, accompanying the Horsewoman. Envy grabs the Talisman of Sin and absorbs the power of her brothers and sisters, also stealing part of Fury’s own powers in the process. Envy leaves Fury to die and then go towards the Charred Council, determined to destroy the schemers and claim all Creation for herself.

Fury’s final test of humility comes when the powerful Horsewoman must ask feeble humans for help. Led by a human named Jones, the surviving humans are sheltered by Ulthane and other Makers inside a giant tree. Fury must use a portal built by the Makers in this Haven to return to the Charred Council and stop Envy. The final battle against Envy is intense, but the fight is far from over. Once the Seven Deadly Sins are finally destroyed, the Charred Council turns its attention to Fury and decides to kill the Horsewoman themselves.

Fury reveals she carries the Lord of Hollow’s Mysterious Stone Sigil, which gives the Charred Council a moment of pause, and one could say even apprehension. Even so, the Council tries to destroy Fury to hide their betrayal of the balance of the universe. Fury uses the Talisman of Sin as a bomb to save herself, throwing it in the fire and letting the Council shake with the explosion. Fury escapes in the middle of the confusion, devoting her energies to fighting another day. However, as soon as she comes back to Earth, Fury discovers the Destroyer and his army of demons are attacking Haven, fixated on eradicating the last humans.

Fury is ready to stand her ground against the invading army, but Ulthane and Jones convince the Horsewoman to play another part by becoming the protector of humanity. Fury agrees, now aware that she cannot be consumed by her rage and must work to restore the balance, even if it means running away from a battle. So, Fury leads the survivors through a portal to a safe house outside the reach of the Council. As Fury goes through the portal, Jones reveals himself to be her brother Strife, who gets left behind to delay the demonic attack.

The post-credits scene of Darksiders III brings back Lilith and the Prince of Darkness, still hiding in the shadows. The Prince reprimands Lilith, who was not able to silence the traitor Lord of Hollows. The Prince, however, is pleased to know Fury has no idea of the power she now possesses as the keeper of the Mysterious Stone Sigil. Finally, the Prince predicts the Council will send War to Earth to clean up his crimes, a move that will cause the Seventh Seal to be broken and allow the Prince to rise.

Darksiders III deepens the mystery surrounding the franchise by revealing why Humanity has been attacked by every side of the conflict, how far the Charred Council is willing to go to keep their power, and what the Horsemen’s ultimate goal is. While we don’t know what happens to either Fury or Strife after the demonic attack on Haven, the two Horsemen would join their brothers, War and Death, at the ending of the first Darksiders. Now, we only need Darksiders IV to tell Strife’s story so that Armageddon can be unleashed and the Four Horsemen can ride together against all the forces in Creation.

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