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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Critical Role Campaign 3 Start Date Revealed With Special Theatrical Premiere for First Episode

Fans of the most famous Dungeons and Dragons-dedicated media companies Critical Role will rejoice to know that the third campaign of the beloved web series has an official premiere date set for next month. Campaign 3 of Critical Role will launch Thursday, October 21 at 7 PM PST, with a live theatrical simulcast of the premiere episode in select theaters nationwide.

After the comedy of errors (and occasional tragedies) that were the adventures and misadventures of The Mighty Nein, which began in a tavern in a small town in the continent of Wildemount, Campaign 3 will follow a brand-new group of characters who are brought together this time in the city of Marquet in the continent of Exandria, where the heroes of Campaign 1, the Vox Machina, were from. The story will follow sometime after the events of Exandria Unlimited, the 8-episode long campaign which aired after the end of Campaign 2 and was chronologically set after The Mighty Nein.

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The cast will be the same beloved group of nerds and award-winning veteran voice actors as the previous two campaigns, which of course includes Matthew Mercer (Overwatch), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Marisha Ray (Final Fantasy XV), Taliesin Jaffe (Final Fantasy XIV), Travis Willingham (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Sam Riegel (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Laura Bailey (The Last of Us: Part II) and Liam O’Brien (Star Wars: The Bad Batch). Fans can expect to see both fresh new faces, as well as some of the show's previous guest stars, appear in this upcoming campaign.

Critical Role’s third campaign is scheduled to begin on October 21. It will, just like the previous campaigns, be aired on Twitch and YouTube every Thursday at 7PM Pacific. As always, the episode will be available on Critical Role’s YouTube channel at 12 PM Pacific the following Monday. The episodes will also be available in podcast format one week after their initial livestream via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

The company has also partnered with Cinemark Theatres to simulcast the first episode of Campaign 3 in 20 cities throughout the nation. To reserve your ticket now, please visit or the Cinemark mobile app.

In addition to the start of their third Campaign, Critical Role also has its highly-anticipated animated series The Legend of Vox Machina on the horizon. It follows the first campaign's gang, the Vox Machina, and is all voiced by the original actors. The 24-episode series will air exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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