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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Best Kids in the Hall Sketches, Ranked

Now that production on the Amazon Prime revival of The Kids in the Hall is finally in full swing, following the all-too-familiar coronavirus delay, we thought it would be an excellent time to take a nostalgic, teary-eyed (from laughter) look back at the original award-winning Canadian sketch comedy show. All seasons and episodes have been combed for the nine very finest of the troupe’s sketches (specifically avoiding recurring characters for the sake of newcomers), which have been ranked below. So, whether you’re an old fan of KITH and want to jog your memory before watching the revival, or you’ve never heard of this weird, Canadian band of rapscallions and want to know what all the fuss is about, here is your chance to watch the Kids in their prime.

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9. Gazebo

"Gazebo" is a classic KITH sketch making fun of both the young, drug-fueled rebellious generation of the time as well as all old, starch-shirted bores. It contextualizes this generational feud between next-door neighbors when a poor old lady’s gazebo goes missing. Some would say it’s a comedy-turned-tragedy. Most would say it stayed a comedy throughout.

8. The Beard

One would never think a personal act so innocent as growing a beard during one’s vacation could lead to evil incarnate. But one would be wrong! This sketch illustrates the depths of absurdity to which the Kids would stoop just to get a laugh. And we’re all grateful for that willingness.

7. Hard Day

Are you a person who believes that aliens might be among us on this, our planet Earth? Well, if you are, you’d do well to keep it to yourself, lest you divulge your suspicions to the very creatures that you fear! Ditto, if you’re a member of the HR department. Few KITH sketches are sci-fi, but with this ultimate lampooning of space conspiracy theory, few needed to be.

6. Cocaine

Here we begin to approach the darker side of the KITH comedy spectrum (if you consider lampooning cokeheads to be dark). The sketch also dips into the vast pool of pro-LGBTQ content that KITH provided in a time before it was widely accessible. This gem only proves just how ahead of its time this show really was.

5. Manny Coon

Now we’re really digging into the R-rated side of The Kids in the Hall. Manny Coon is a figure that will forever be burned into the cerebrums of the graduating class of the Ontario College of Art; an artist that that speaks the real truth about what it takes to become a world-class painter. Manny’s speech to the students digs into abuse, poverty, erectile dysfunction, and what genuinely attracts the public to art. It’s shameless, it’s uncouth, and it is side-splitting.

4. Seven Things to Do Today

Ever feel like your life was spinning out of control and that perhaps you should start organizing things and making lists of the tasks that need accomplishing? Well, this sketch illustrates the inherent danger in that line of thinking. Moreover, it exemplifies how the troupe could take a seemingly harmless, boring characterization and turn it inside upon itself. For laughs. Gotta keep on top of your life.

3. The Asshole

This is one of Kevin McDonald’s finest. Herein, he unleashes his character’s inner contempt for the passive-aggressive bullies of our world. And it is a thing of beauty. Or maybe it was just him?

2. Citizen Kane

One of the all-time classic KITH sketches, "Citizen Kane" highlights just how outside the box the Kids could reach and still dig up comedy gold. How could a simple disagreement between two friends about the title of a movie escalate into carnage? Watch above and find out.

1. Haggle

To me, "Haggle" is one of the greatest accomplishments ever performed by a comedy troupe in farming the realm of the absurd. The negotiation between the two characters in this sketch is so incredibly pointless and beyond resolution that no being in their right mind would ever choose to engage in such, which is what makes the sketch so darned hilarious. And the addition of Murray… well… Not now, Murray.

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