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Saturday, September 4, 2021

7 Movies Like Cinderella 2021 to Watch After Camila Cabello's Remake

The tale is as old as time, and even though Cinderella’s story has been adapted to the screen in all shapes and forms, it still strikes a chord in the hearts of dreamers, years on end. Some versions include the traditional fairy-godmother saving the day with the perfect dress and iconic glass slipper, while others rely on their loving and often underdog friends to help them gain confidence and win over the handsome prince.

From updated Disney favorites starring Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff to remakes that hit closer to the original story, here are the Cinderella movies that you must watch (or probably rewatch) after Camila Cabello’s new musical version.

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Cinderella (1950)

Let’s start with the Disney animated film that remains an untouched treasure. In the 1950s version, Cinderella’s father married Lady Tremaine, a devious woman with two likewise-minded daughters. Once her father passes away, Cinderella becomes a maid at her own home and is forced to live in the attic. When she hears the news that a ball will be held at the palace for the prince to find a suitor, Cinderella asks for nothing more than a chance to attend it. Yet, as we all know full well, she is only able to go with the little help of her mice best friends and the classic fairy godmother. The Disney charm is undeniable, and by taking a much less dark approach than the Brothers Grimm story, they set the template for the many on-screen Cinderella adaptations to come. More than 70 years later, it continues to be one of the best adaptations to the screen to this date.

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Although the core events are still present in this Drew Barrymore remake, there is an add-on that truly enhances this well-known fairy-tale: the Renaissance era. In Ever After, Danielle de Barbarac is the daughter of a wealthy widower, who soon marries Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent (Anjelica Houston). Danielle’s father has a heart attack shortly after the wedding, and she grows up unappreciated by her stepmother and stepsisters. Ten years later, Danielle accidentally knocks over Prince Henry of France (Dougray Scott) when he steals her father’s horse to flee from an arranged marriage. The two meet again when Danielle disguises herself as noble in an attempt to buy back one of the servants that were fired by Baroness de Ghent. Instantly mesmerized by her bravery, the Prince asks for her name. Danielle then decides to adopt a new identity as the Comtesse Nicola de Lacret, but this leads to further consequences once she falls for the heir to the throne. Other than Danielle’s well-built character arc, it's just sweet to witness Leonardo da Vinci occupying the fairy godmother role and creating that iconic costume for the masquerade ball.

Ella Enchanted

This one is more loosely based on the generic Cinderella story. Anne Hathaway plays Ella, a girl that was unfortunately cursed by her fairy godmother with the gift (or burden) of obedience. Constantly mocked by her family, Ella decides to embark on a mission to find her fairy godmother Lucinda (Vivica A. Fox) and revoke the curse. Determined to find her way to freedom, Ella didn’t imagine she would come across Prince Charmont (Hugh Dancy), and much less fall for him. Anne Hathaway might be known for her brilliant performance as Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries, but she is also just as lovable playing Ella. Not to mention that she learns to value her self-worth and doesn’t let anyone else “step” on her ever again.

A Cinderella Story

There may be many modern-day takes on Cinderella’s tale, but none are as precious and rewatchable as this 2004 version. Sam Montgomery (Hilary Duff) lives with her stepmother (Jennifer Coolidge) and stepsisters, and whenever she isn’t studying for her high school exams, she works as a server at the diner her father used to own before he passed away. When Sam’s school organizes a Halloween dance, she has a little taste of wearing a beautiful dress and enjoying the night alongside popular heartthrob Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray). It all seems to be a wonderful dream, until the clock hits midnight and she has to get back to the diner before her evil family notices she’s gone. However, a mystery begins once Austin begins to search for the girl he danced with at the Halloween party. Just the fact that the two most sought-after actors from the early 2000s are a part of this teen romance should pull you in, but another highlight is the satisfying plot twist ending at the diner. If you have seen it already, you know what I am talking about.

Another Cinderella Story

Hilary Duff isn’t the only Disney star to land on this list. Selena Gomez also starred in a Cinderella remake that might be less notable than Duff’s version, but it’s still a treat. In Another Cinderella Story, Selena plays Mary, a teenager that is always undermined by her stepmother and stepsisters. When she isn’t mopping floors or getting Jane Lynch’s character a sparkling water, Mary loves to secretly attend dance classes from pop idol Joey Parker (Drew Seeley). During her school’s masquerade ball, Mary dances with Joey and flees leaving her MP3 player behind on the dancefloor. We all know how the story continues, but it's great to relive the clichés with a beloved star like Gomez in the timeless Cinderella role.

Cinderella (2015)

This Disney live-action has a practically identical plot in comparison to the animation. However, the breath-taking ball gowns and production design make it one of the best reinterpretations of the story to date. Ella (Lily James) is kind-hearted and humble, much different from her evil stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and stepsisters. Even though she must sweep and clean daily, Ella doesn’t let go of a warm smile and energetic spirit. When she attends the ball after her fairy godmother makeover, she dances with the prince (played by Richard Madden) and at midnight, she dashes back to the horrendous reality of her home life. Yet, we all know that the prince goes after the girl that was wearing the tiny glass slipper and eventually finds his way back to her, cementing a new era of kindness in the kingdom.

Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Although the story is pretty much the same as the 1950 and 2015 versions, the diverse representation paired with Whitney Houston’s glitz and glam as the fairy godmother makes this Cinderella story a 90s landmark. Also about a sweet girl that is mistreated by her family and gets to meet the prince in a stunning gown for a night, this musical starred by Brandy Norwood, and the updated musical approach set the tone for the possibility of a remake like Camila Cabello’s now. Years later, the film landed on Disney +, sparking a new round of praise and celebration from fans who got to relive the inclusive retelling all over again.

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