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Monday, August 30, 2021

You Season 3 Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

Like all Los Angeles couples, Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg and Victoria Pedretti's Love Quinn are having a gender and name reveal party for their new little bundle of joy, as well as the release date for the highly anticipated third season of You. Badgley's creepily deadpan voiceover is back to let us know what's in store for the potentially deadly love child of the two obsessed serial killers. On-screen, we have a beautiful white and red cake announcing the details, probably made by Love's own hand (with lots of close-ups on the knife, of course).

We last saw the couple deciding to make it work now that they're expecting, moving to a suburban house in California, and effectively creating a wonderfully ironic and mundane prison for Joe's punishment. However, the premise of the show can't be ignored, as the last scene spies Joe potentially becoming obsessed with his new next-door neighbor. That new character will be played by Michaela McManus, best known for her role as Lindsey Strauss on One Tree Hill. Other new cast members for Season 3 include Shalita Grant, Travis Van Winkle, Dylan Arnold, and Tati Gabrielle, with the lovely Saffron Burrows returning as Love's mother.

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Netflix hasn't revealed much more information about the third season besides what the second season's finale hinted at. The new neighborhood will be Madre Linda, described as full of "privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers, and Insta-famous biohackers." They've also confirmed the next-door neighbor is a woman named Natalie, and Love is determined to make sure that Joe doesn't fall into his same pattern of obsession, stalking and the inevitable violence that it brings. She wants the perfect family, and will not have Joe fall prey to his compulsions once again. And who knows what violent impulses may rise up in her again?

The video starts by subtly revealing that the new baby will be a boy. Both Love and her mother hope that the son will be like Forty, Love's twin brother who died in a standoff last season, but Joe's very excited by the chance of creating a better version of him. Naturally, he starts espousing his usual mantras — promising that he will change for his son — a man he "will be proud to call Dad." Netflix also even reveals the name of the baby, a good, strong name that references all the literary classics that Joe loves.

Baby Henry will be making his debut along with Season 3 of You on October 15. Both seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix. Check out the video announcement below.

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