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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 2 Trailer Reveals Release Date on Hulu

Hulu released the official trailer for the second season of their Emmy-nominated original series Wu-Tang: an American Saga. The series stars Ashton Sanders as Bobby "RZA" Diggs, Siddiq Saunderson as Dennis "D-Love" Coles, and Marcus Callender as Oliver "Power" Grant, among many other talented actors. It's an uplifting saga based on the true story of one of the most famous (or notorious, depending on who you ask) hip-hop groups of all time, the Wu-Tang Clan.

The first half of the trailer is tasked with setting up the premise: a group of young black men in 1990's New York who come together to achieve their dreams of making it big in the music world. Through different snippets of character dialogue, they show the future rap stars struggling with crime, gang violence, living in poverty, and trying to be the best fathers they can be to their kids. Then, with an iconic record-scratch, the trailer takes a turn.

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In the next scene, two of the founding members are sitting in a private meeting with some record label executives who question whether or not they should go with the name "Wu-Tang Clan". After one of the young men drops a big stack of cash on the desk, they stop asking questions. Next, the trailer introduces the main characters with the actors rapping along to the lyrics, their names in giant letters in the background. A montage of the rappers performing their music wraps things up before cutting to black and revealing the Season 2 release date.

Season 2 of Wu-Tang: an American Saga premieres September 8 exclusively on Hulu. Check out the inspirational trailer below.

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