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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Twelve Minutes Launch Trailer Builds Anticipation Ahead of Release

Annapurna Interactive released a new trailer for Twelve Minutes ahead of the game’s launch on PC and Xbox consoles. The new trailer gives us the longest look yet at Luis Antonio’s mysterious time-loop thriller, teasing the core concept that’ll guide each run of the game while players try to escape the worst 12 minutes of their lives.

In the trailer, a man (voiced by James McAvoy) tries to explain to his wife (voiced by Daisy Ridley) that he already knows how the night will go by. First, she’ll tell him she’s pregnant. Then, a stranger (voiced by Willem Dafoe) will come into their apartment to arrest them, hurt them, or maybe even kill them. The man is stuck in a loop of 12 minutes for a reason he doesn’t understand, and in the little time he has left before the clock resets, he tries to save his wife from an unfortunate fate.

It’s a tense scene that reveals all the anguish of the sad situation the man is trapped in. And it surely helps to build our hype for the game’s release.

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Twelve Minutes was first announced by Annapurna back in 2019, but the game gained traction when the all-star voice cast was revealed in 2020. Since then, Twelve Minutes has been part of everyone’s list of most-anticipated games for 2021. The promise of multiple endings and a branching narrative also helps to build the excitement around the game, which might become one of the most unusual interactive stories we ever got to play.

Twelve Minutes comes to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam this Thursday, August 19. Check the new trailer below.

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