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Monday, August 16, 2021

Time Is Up Trailer Reveals Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo's Romantic Drama Film

It’s not uncommon to see romance flourish between two lead actors who play lovers in a movie. What is less common, but still happens from time to time, are two birds declaring their love to the world by playing a couple on-screen. That's the case with Time Is Up, the new romantic drama set to be released by Voltage Pictures on September 9, which also unveiled a new trailer.

In the film, actress and model Bella Thorne stars opposite Benjamin Mascolo, a famous Italian singer from the duo Benji and Fedi and her real-life fiancé. In a recent Instagram post, Thorne declared she was immensely happy she got to fall in love with Mascolo all over again while shooting the movie, and tells fans she hopes to see them next month.

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Thorne, of course, is referring to the special Fathom Events screenings that will take place in selected theaters across the United States on the day of the movie's release. Those particular screenings of Time Is Up will be followed by an extended Q&A with both lead actors. Fans who can't attend will be glad to know the movie will be released on VOD and digital platforms on September 24.

Time Is Up is directed by Italian filmmaker Elisa Amoruso, who also co-writes the screenplay alongside Lorenzo Ura and Patrizia Fiorellini. In addition to Thorne and Mascolo, Time Is Up stars Nikolay Moss, Roberto Davide, and Sebastiano Pigazzi. You can check out the trailer and poster below:

Here's the official synopsis:

Vivien is a highly accomplished student, with a passion for physics and keen to get into a prestigious American university. She seems to live her own life as a mathematical formula that drives her to look at her own happiness as something to be postponed into the future. Roy, on the other hand, is a troubled and problematic young man who, due to a trauma suffered as a child, sees his desires continually hindered by a past that seems to constantly haunt him. But mathematics too has its variables and as always happens, life manages to weave events together in increasingly surprising and unexpected ways. Indeed, an accident will force them to come to a stop and reclaim their lives, and finally start living in a present that perhaps will prove to be more exciting than any predefined formula.

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