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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Vampire Chronicles: The Wildest Book Plots That Might Be In the TV Show

After several false starts, it seems that Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire series is a go. The writer will be executive producing the show along with her son. While AMC already has directors attached for the first season of the show, they have also procured the rights to Rice’s entire The Vampire Chronicles series, plus the sister series Mayfair Witches.

The network is supposedly looking at Rice’s books as the next franchise-starter, and the expansive series is great fodder for a sprawling television show. What starts as a simple interview with the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac in the first book soon turns into a massive tale spanning continents, millennia, and creatures. The majority of the series follows the history and exploits of the irrepressibly vain and arrogant Lestat de Lioncourt, Louis' maker and the “Brat Prince” of the vampire community.

This isn’t the first time Rice’s novels have been adapted for the screen. The 1994 Interview With the Vampire film starred Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater, and Kirsten Dunst. In 2002, the third installment was made into The Queen of the Damned, starring Stuart Townsend and the late singer-actor Aaliyah.

There are some aspects of The Vampire Chronicles books that are, in a word, wild. But since they’re integral parts of the series, we can expect them to turn up in the show at some point. After Interview With the Vampire kicks off the series, here are the five wildest things from the books we should probably get ready to see in the show. Needless to say, this feature includes spoilers from the books, so if you haven’t read them (but plan to), look away now.

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Lestat, the Rock Star

Lestat’s rock career has already, unfortunately, seen the light of day in The Queen of the Damned film and it can’t be avoided on the show. As a mortal, Lestat performed on stage, and even after being turned into a vampire, he enjoyed singing and playing music. Lestat always craved attention, and after a sizeable amount of time hiding away from society, and reorienting himself to the modern world, Lestat befriended three mortals in a band, Alex, Larry and Tough Cookie. Lestat was surprised to learn that the band members knew all about him from the book Interview With the Vampire. To reclaim his reputation, Lestat renamed the band The Vampire Lestat and published an autobiography defending himself.

Lestat’s fame is an integral part of the series. It’s his rock music that awakens the titular Queen of the Damned, who then kills countless vampires and gives Lestat her blood, thereby making him extremely powerful. But Lestat’s fame and popularity as a pop culture figure influences his rise to become the eventual Prince of the vampires. Yes, even in the vampire world, fame can get you to the top.

Lestat’s Son and Other Creatures

Lestat having a son wouldn’t be a surprise to us if it wasn’t for the fact that vampires are essentially sterile. They’re the “undead”, so they can’t reproduce. However, in later books, two vampires, Seth and Fareed Bhansali, became obsessed with trying to analyze what makes vampires tick. They convince Lestat to participate in an experiment where he is injected with human hormones and paired with a doctor named Flannery Gilman. The experiment works, somewhat, and Viktor is born.

Nothing much happened with Viktor as a character. He was raised by Seth, Fareed and Flannery, and was eventually rescued and fell in love with Lestat’s adoptive daughter, Rose. Viktor’s sole aim was to become a vampire, and once he does, he contributed little to the storyline.

Fareed and Seth’s medical interests went beyond Viktor. They also try to explain the existence of ghosts, vampires and even mortals who are dead but can reform their bodies in any shape they want. Ghosts can be as solid as a real human. Additionally, they were obsessed with deciphering the mystery of the spirit that supposedly created vampirism. These two characters could help add to the lore of the universe in the show were they to be introduced.

There’s a Freaky Friday Storyline

Yes, there is an entire book about a body thief, and that will definitely make it on to the show because of the Lestat connection. In The Tale of the Body Thief, Lestat suffers from ennui and jumps at the chance to swap his vampiric body with a human psychic named Raglan James. Of course, Raglan is a con artist and escapes to wreak havoc in Lestat’s powerful body.

Throughout the book, Lestat and his friend/love interest, David Talbot—the elderly head of a secret society dedicated to tracking supernatural creatures—attempt to get Lestat’s body back. By the end of The Tale of the Body Thief, David’s real body is destroyed and he’s trapped in Raglan’s. David has continued to live in the younger, stolen body ever since and was even turned into a vampire in his new form. Body-swapping is not used as a plot point in the other books; the sole purpose of its existence in the franchise is to give Talbot a younger, hotter body for Lestat to lust after.

Body-swapping as a narrative device can provide a change of pace, and while it could be a jarring introduction on the show, viewers might find a new main character—even if for only one season—a refreshing break in monotony. Did we mention that Raglan James’ body is supposed to look part-Indian? That’ll add some much-needed on-screen diversity!

These Vampires Have Superpowers

All iterations of vampires have some supernatural abilities, including the vampires in The Vampire Chronicles. They possess immortality, superhuman strength, healing, fast reflexes, and heightened senses. Just like regular vampires, right? But there’s more. Not only do the vampires have superpowers, but they literally have names for these “gifts” too.

The Cloud Gift allows vampires to fly in the upper atmosphere; the Fire Gift gives them the ability to burn flammable matter, including other vampires, but the victim must be visible to be immolated; the Mind Gift is equivalent to vampire telepathy and telekinetic powers; and the Spell gift is a form of telepathy where the vampire can persuade or confuse another.

All vampires, though, aren’t created equally. Only some have these gifts, and very few have control over all the gifts. Some of the vampires use the Fire Gift to burn their enemies, while others use it to light candles for a romantic evening in (I’m not making this up). And one does not want to cross the vampire with superpowers; it would be like fighting Captain America with a stick.

Vampires Descend from Aliens

Aliens. Yes aliens. This is The Vampire Chronicles series, but one of the most recent books in the series really jumps the shark to reveal the real origins of these creatures and folks—aliens.

For the longest time, the origins of vampires in the series remained the same. A spirit named Amel fused with Queen Akasha and made her a vampire. But the story began to shift from Prince Lestat onwards. After remaining dormant for millennia, Amel suddenly emerged as a consciousness who could control vampires.

But the real retcon of vampire lore took place in Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis. In this book, it was discovered that Amel was a human abducted by aliens (nope, I am not pulling your leg) and returned to Earth after being enhanced by the aliens. He created a paradise called Atalantaya, the titular Atlantis of the book, before being killed and turning into an immortal spirit.

We could have ignored the whole alien situation if other aliens hadn’t also resurfaced as the main antagonists in Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis. They play a key part in helping the vampires with a medical issue affecting the species, so they are likely to play a part in the adaptation.

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