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Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Suicide Squad New Camera Rig Revealed in Set Images By James Gunn

Of all of the colorful characters brought together for The Suicide Squad, director James Gunn is highlighting an undersung member of the team: camera technician Dave Freeth. In a tweet on Friday, Gunn shared behind-the-scenes photos of Freeth's "Nano" camera rig in action, capturing shots of Daniela Melchior's Ratcatcher on set.

Those photos feature co-star Idris Elba manning the camera. True to its name, the rig is remarkably small, such that Elba can be seen easily hoisting it for the downward angle needed for the shot. Gunn describes the compact size of the camera as "necessary for the intimate yet dynamic shooting style we needed."

Freeth, who worked as a technician on blockbuster films like Skyfall and The Force Awakens, is no stranger to developing innovative camera rigs. "You might know Dave Freeth for creating the Stabileye, the rig that was used to much acclaim on 1917," Gunn goes on to point out, adding that it was "first used on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2." The Stabileye has also been used elsewhere in both the MCU and DCEU, on films like Doctor Strange and Wonder Woman.

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It's a decidedly technical peek behind the curtain, but in a film with as much CGI wizardry as The Suicide Squad, it sure is fun to see technical advancements that aren't software-based. Moreover, Gunn's emphasis on how the small size contributed to the intimacy and dynamism of the film is a fascinating insight into how those technical decisions contribute to the tone of the film. It's a great reminder that every shot, even the most heavily manipulated ones, starts with a camera. To that end, Gunn also highlighted the RED camera seen in the rig when asked by a fan. "Only @RED_Cinema makes high quality cameras small enough to be used on this rig," he tweeted.

The Suicide Squad is available in theaters and on HBO Max now. Check out Gunn's tweets here.

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