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Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Suicide Squad IMAX Fantasy Draft Lets You Select Your Own Squad

Ready to get your squad ready to see The Suicide Squad in IMAX? Well, now you can make a game out of it. For the first time ever, IMAX is partnering with The Suicide Squad to bring fans a unique opportunity to win prizes and more! The IMAX Suicide Squad Fantasy Draft lets fans head into the movie with their own choice of a Suicide Squad and out of the 5 members you can pick, you can see how well you rank against other players.

There are 14 members of the Suicide Squad in the movie but you only get a choice of 5 heading in but that shouldn't hurt your chances if you choose correctly and get the best kind of team going.

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The Suicide Squad is the exciting new addition to the DCEU and brings back some of our favorite characters to fight for Viola Davis' Amanda Waller, whether they like it or not. Risking their lives to save the people who put them behind bars in the first place, the Squad has to join together to try to survive whatever Waller has in store for them.

Will you pick Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and her unique sense of style while fighting? Or what about the demigod King Shark? You can choose who you want and compete against your friends before the movie to see who will come out victorious.

You can read more about making your own Squad from the press release here:

The IMAX Suicide Squad Fantasy Draft offers fans a chance to select theirown ‘squad’ of 5 team members from 14 members in the film. Fans can go to SQUAD.IMAX.COM to make their selections which will also enter them into a sweepstakes to win special collectible items and prizes. Once fans lock in their squad, they will head to their local IMAX theater to watch The Suicide Squad and a code will be revealed before the movie begins. Inputting the code will unlock the fan’s personal results and ranking among other players after the movie concludes. Results will appear for each player after the movie concludes and will include how players rank against fans in their own city and across the nation. Players can also challenge others to join the fun and see who can draft the best Suicide Squad and achieve the highest score!

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