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Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Suicide Squad: Daniela Melchior on Ratcatcher 2's Lack of Empathy for Starro

[Editor's note: The following contains spoilers for The Suicide Squad.]Daniela Melchior’s Ratcatcher II may be a lazy, deep sleeper in The Suicide Squad, but she is motivated by a very big heart -- and that changes the game for a number of characters in the film, like King Shark. During the team’s first night together, Nanaue comes mighty close to turning Ratcatcher II into nom noms. Even though the rest of the group is fairly alarmed by what just happened, Ratcatcher II opts to reason with Nanaue in one of the sweetest scenes in the film.

Mere minutes after nearly being eaten, Ratcatcher II initiates a heart to heart about friendship, filling a void in Nanaue’s life by insisting that the members of the Suicide Squad become friends. One wouldn’t eat their friends, right? Ratcatcher II tells the group, “If I die ‘cause I gambled on love, it will be a worthy death.”

While on Collider Ladies Night, we took a moment to dig into Ratcatcher II’s empathy and discuss why it doesn’t extend to Starro. After all, Starro was merely a creature who was “happy floating, staring at the stars,” but was taken by American astronauts and forced into this situation by the US government. Is Starro not just an innocent being caught up in man’s endless pursuit of control and power?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean Ratcatcher II doesn’t know where to draw the line when innocent lives are at risk. Here’s how Melchior put it:

“I really feel like once she sees the danger that Starro can have to the whole world and humanity, she starts to think, ‘We have to do something. We really have to do something,’ so she doesn’t want to take naps, she doesn’t want to give up. She’s a little bit frustrated when she sees that Bloodsport is giving up, but when he decides, ‘Let’s do this,’ she’s the first saying, ‘Okay, let’s go! I was waiting for you to make that decision!’ But then, I feel like she’s really loses her empathy with Starro when she’s with Bloodsport next to her and this lady says, ‘This city is mine.’ And in that particular moment, Ratcatcher II really feels like, ‘This city is not yours, and this city is not ours. This city is my rats’ city!’”

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Ratcatcher II and the remaining members of the Suicide Squad certainly do what's necessary, but that doesn’t make Starro’s last line in the movie any less crushing and haunting.

Looking for even more on The Suicide Squad from Melchior? We have you well covered in that department! You can catch our full, uncut conversation in podcast form below. There’s loads more on Ratcatcher II’s backstory, her powers, what could be next for the character and so much more!

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