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Monday, August 30, 2021

The 9 Most Shocking The Walking Dead Deaths

It’s hard to imagine that AMC’s long running dystopian drama The Walking Dead, which is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, is entering its final season. Since its premiere on Halloween in 2010, the series amassed a hardcore and loyal fanbase, who have proven their love time and time again as they appear in droves and stand in line for hours to secure their spot at various comic cons across the country. The post-apocalyptic show has spawned several spin-offs, which include Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, a recently announced series starring fan-favorites Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), and Tales of the Walking Dead, in addition to various video games, board games, and action figures. Arguably the most anticipated spin-offs are a set of three films aimed for a theatrical release, which will explore the backstories and current exploits of beloved characters like the man himself, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Over the course of its impressive 11 year run, dozens of characters we’ve grown to love (or loathe) have succumbed to the devastating zombie plague that is at the center of the show. Before we jump back into the world of walkers and go through the five stages of grief, let’s look back at some of The Walking Dead’s most shocking deaths (so far).

[Editor’s note, major spoilers for both the series and the comics are ahead!]

9. Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes, wife to Rick and mother to Carl, bids a painful goodbye to her loved ones in Season 3 Episode 4 titled, “Killer Within.” At the start of the series, Lori was a trusted member of the tight-knit community. She supported her husband’s actions, but wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, either. It was clear to anyone that knew her, that her family was her number one priority. The Lori that fans came to know and love, however, faded when she had an affair with Rick’s friend, Shane, while Rick was away (and to some, presumed dead). She quickly got pregnant with Shane’s child, a surprise that would not only cause a rift between her and Rick, but would lead to her death.

“Killer Within” is a fast-paced, high-stakes episode the whole way through, as the crew is overwhelmed with both surviving within the walls of The Prison and plotting their eventual escape. Things quickly go sideways when the group finds themselves surrounded by walkers, forcing them to scatter and seek shelter. In addition to the beloved T-Dog (Irone Singleton) dying, Lori was on the verge of giving birth. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) remained at Lori’s side, but time quickly ran out once Lori started to bleed. The only way for her child (Judith) to live was if Lori risked her life with an emergency C-section (which she bravely does). As feared, the blood loss from Maggie’s impromptu surgery was far more than Lori could handle. Carl saw it as his responsibility to put his mother out of her misery, and shot her in the head before her walker took over. Rick’s reaction to his wife’s passing is sure to leave you with tears in your eyes.

8. Hershel Greene

In the midseason finale of Season 4, in the episode titled, “Too Far Gone,” the crew is forced to watch the vicious and merciless death of Hershel Greene (the loving father of Maggie and Beth), at the hands of The Governor. The group lost the true anchor and voice of reason they relied on to get them out of their darkest times. Though Hershel’s beliefs and methods were a bit unorthodox (his initial refusal to kill walkers and instead save them in his barn in hopes for a cure being the most startling), he provided a home for Rick’s group on his farm, and always inspired the group with words of wisdom from his experiences. Even though he survived a bite on the leg, he would surely not survive at the hands of The Governor.

Hershel’s death was especially jarring because he was such a passive and calm individual. In a desperate attempt at reasoning with The Governor (also known as Philip), Rick begs him to release his captives, adding that The Prison can be shared by both groups amicably, and no one had to get hurt. Hershel even tried to convince Philip to reconsider his deadly plans for Rick’s group, but there was certainly no hope in changing his mind after the events in Woodbury and Andrea’s death. Both Michonne and Hershel’s lives were in Philip’s hands, as they were tied up and kneeling in front of him as prisoners. The Governor was fed up with everyone’s input, and decided to show Rick who was boss. He took Michonne’s famous katana, and positioned it right near Hershel’s neck. Hershel looked on at his daughters, Beth and Maggie, as they screamed in fear. After calling Rick a liar, Philip slashes Hershel in the neck. A gun fight ensues, and Philip decapitates Hershel. As an homage to him later in the series, Glenn and Maggie name their child after him.

7. Sophia Peletier

In Season 2 Episode 7, titled “Pretty Much Dead Already,” both viewers at home and characters in the series were devastated when their worst fears became a reality. Though Carol’s daughter, Sophia had not been seen since Season 2’s premiere, the characters never stopped searching for her after she went missing from the creek.

The moral conundrum of whether or not they should abandon the search did divide some of the group, specifically the stubborn Shane Walsh. However, it was actually Shane’s actions that led the group to finding Sophia. At this time in the series, the group was staying at Hershel Greene’s farm. Hershel, an older man of strong faith, could not bear to kill any walkers that came his way. Instead, he kept them locked up in his barn, much to the core group’s bewilderment. After being fed up with all the tip-toeing and indecision, Shane took it upon himself to unleash the barn walkers so they could kill them. After the long string of walkers exited the barn and faced their final death, the faint sounds of a struggling walker are heard. Out stumbles Sophia’s walker, with a visible bite mark on her shoulder. This reveal elicited a terrifying scream from Carol (who was held back by Daryl) and stunned silence from the rest of the crew, including Shane. Rick did what everyone knew had to be done, and shot her in the head with his pistol. Sophia’s death hardened Carol in the years to come, and forced her to face the new world they lived in. It also laid the foundation for what would be a strong friendship between Daryl and Carol in the coming seasons.

6. Shane Walsh

In Season 2 Episode 12 titled “Better Angels,” fans said good-bye to Rick's right-hand man and fellow Sheriff Shane Walsh. We first meet Shane in the pilot, where he was munching on cheeseburgers and fries with his pal Rick, completely oblivious to the chaos and violence that was ahead. Shane quickly becomes the group’s biggest enemy in Season 2, as his plans for the group become increasingly risky, he becomes more violent, and even obsesses over Rick’s wife, Lori (with whom he conceives a child, Judith). The once-best-friends butt heads as Shane attempts to usurp Rick’s power and call the shots. The writing was on the wall: in order for the group to survive, Shane had to go.

In his final episode, Shane vehemently disagrees with Rick’s proposed plan of handling the potential threat of Randall, who has been held as prisoner by the group after trying to take them down. Rick wants to free him, much to Shane's frustration. Shane disapproved of the way Rick seemed to be putting his foot down, and decided to take matters into his own hands. Shane lied to the group, and said that Randall got away from him during a fight, and that they should look for him. Meanwhile, Shane killed Randall almost immediately after letting him go, and set up this convoluted search party mission in an attempt to kill Rick. Rick, however, is no dummy, and catches onto the real reason for Shane’s search. What ensues is a brutally honest hilltop exchange between the two friends-turned-enemies. Shane, gun in hand, spews his confidence in Rick’s face, as he yells, “I’m a better father than you, Rick. I’m better for Lori than you, man. It’s ‘cause I’m a better man than you, Rick.” Rick tricks Shane into believing he is putting down his gun, and at the last minute, stabs Shane in the chest. To Rick’s surprise, Carl takes it upon himself to shoot the reanimated Shane in the head, leaving father and son shaken to the core.

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5. Andrea

In the Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead, in the episode titled, “Welcome to the Tombs,” we say goodbye to Andrea in one of the most heartbreaking deaths of the series. Andrea never felt truly at home or safe with the group, and had trouble understanding that people were only behaving the way they did to protect her. She saw people’s care as a direct threat to her safety, and often felt that others were constantly trying to control her. She was never quite the same after her sister Amy died. She no longer trusted Rick and regularly pulled a gun on him. She experienced suicidal urges, and regularly vocalized her discontent with the group’s leadership, as she preferred to be led by the erratic Shane. Andrea’s continuously unpredictable behavior concerned the group, and she became a threat to both them and herself.

“Welcome to the Tombs” is one of the most tense episodes of the series. Over the course of the season, Andrea lived in Woodbury and had a relationship with The Governor, one of the most brutal villains toward Rick and his crew. Though she strayed from the group that initially welcomed her in, she began to have second thoughts once Philip’s resident scientist Milton Mamet tipped her off about Philip’s plans to torture Andrea’s friend and savior, Michonne Hawthorne (Danai Gurira). Andrea was so moved that she decided to turn her back on Philip and protect Rick’s group. Tragically, Philip caught her, tied her to a dentist chair, and locked her in a room with Milton, whom he had beaten and left for dead. Andrea nearly managed to break free with a pair of pliers, but not before a reanimated Milton lurched forward and bit a chunk out of her neck. Her death was a huge shock to everyone, particularly Michonne, who held her bloody friend in her hands. Though we don’t see it, we hear Andrea’s self-inflicted gunshot, which she did to prevent herself from turning into a walker. While she may not have been the most loyal to Rick, Andrea absolutely died a hero, saving the woman who saved her in the end of Season 2. (You can go behind the scenes of the episode here.)

4. Sasha Williams

In the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, fans part ways with one of the fiercest and strongest characters of the series. We first meet Sasha Williams in Season 3, where she and her group, including her brother, Tyreese, are saved from a horde of walkers by Carl. Since that moment, she has proved herself to not only be a team player, but a reliable team leader. Though she was one of the most strong-willed members of the group, she was not immune to grief, as she was regularly haunted by the loss of loved ones Tyreese, Bob, and Abraham. She never hesitated to speak her mind, whether it be criticizing the too-good-to-be-true Alexandria, or sharing her reservations about Terminus. In the end, Sasha left the show just as she joined it: a warrior.

Fans are treated to Sasha’s flashbacks that reveal some of the more innocent and tender moments between characters. At this point in the series, Negan and his army are preparing to storm Alexandria. As the episode progresses, we learn that Sasha has secretly worked with Eugene Porter (who is also under the watchful eye of Negan) to concoct an attack from within. At Sasha’s noble request, Eugene slips her a cyanide pill, which she swallows inside the coffin that Negan lets her “rest” in en route to Alexandria. Little does Negan know that inside, Sasha was turning into a walker, which she hoped would bite a caught-off-guard Negan. When Negan confidently swings open the coffin to present Rick with a presumed healthy Sasha as part of a quasi peace offering, everyone is taken aback when Sasha is far from alive and well.

3. Glenn Rhee

Fan favorite Glenn Rhee is one of the longest-surviving characters in the series, making his death all the more heartbreaking. We first meet him in Episode 2, where he saves Rick (or as he jokingly calls him, Clint Eastwood) from walkers on all sides. From the start, Glenn proves himself as not only a strong asset to the group, risking his life time and time again on food and supply runs, but as a loyal friend. His respectful and kind heart stood out to Maggie, who would later marry him and have his child. In Season 7, however, Glenn dies at the hand—or should we say, bat—of the most unforgiving villain of the series: Negan.

In the highly-anticipated Season 7 premiere episode “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” fans would finally learn which of the characters would suffer the wrath of Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). As Negan sauntered around the circle of terrified prisoners, tensions mounted. After what seems like an eternity, Negan chooses his first victim, Abraham Ford. Turns out, Negan was just getting started. He then repeatedly swings his bat atop Glenn’s skull. A traumatized Maggie looks on as the man she loves is dismantled in front of her. Glenn manages to choke out his last words, “Maggie, I’ll—I’ll find you,” before Negan turns him into a bloody pulp. Negan was right when he said that first impressions were important, as it was immediately clear that Rick would no longer be in charge.

2. Lizzie Samuels

From the moment we meet Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino), it’s clear she’s different. Unlike the rest of the group, she still sees walkers as people, going so far as befriending them. She’s quickly called out by Carl for naming the walkers that she comes across, and for treating them as beings that deserve to be saved. Lizzie’s fixation on death and interactions with walkers (she often believed they were talking to her, and gave them food) is troubling to the group, especially Carol, who was a mother figure to her and her little sister, Mika Samuels. Carol was aware of Lizzie’s unsettling behavior (she tortured an animal, with no remorse), and the way she looked at the flowers for comfort. The flowers would be the last thing Lizzie sees.

In Season 4 Episode 14, titled, “The Grove,” audiences witness one of the most heartbreaking and startling deaths of the series. At this point, Lizzie’s behavior has gotten exceedingly worse. She lashes out at her sister for killing a walker in addition to screaming at Carol for killing her walker friend. She was angry that Carol, Tyreese, and Mika had completely different approaches to the dead, and was determined to convince them to think like she did. When Carol and Tyreese return from their travels, they are horrified by the sight before them: Lizzie, holding a bloody knife, right next to her sister’s dead body. She encouraged the adults to wait for Mika to return (as a walker), hoping then that they would understand. Baby Judith, it turns out, was next on her list. This was a very difficult episode for Carol, who knew that she had to kill the little girl she cared for deeply. After taking her into the woods, Carol gently tells Lizzie through tears, “just look at the flowers.” She then takes out her gun, and shoots her in the head. (Still waiting on Melissa McBride’s Emmy…)

1. Beth Greene

Coming in at number one is the death of the beloved daughter of Hershel and younger sister of Maggie, Beth Greene. When we first meet Beth, she is welcoming a horrified Rick to her father’s barn, as he cradles his limp son Carl (who had just been accidentally shot), in his arms. From this exact moment in Season 2, her warm, motherly presence quickly becomes a much needed respite for Rick and his group. Over several seasons, we have the pleasure of watching Beth grow from a naive and shy young girl into a worthy, selfless, and independent fighter, all while maintaining her free spirit. With all this to say, her accidental death in the midseason finale of Season 5 was not only shocking, but heart wrenching.

By the time of her final episode “Coda,” Beth had been through quite a bit of tragedy having lost both her parents, her boyfriend, and other loved ones. She also grew closer to Daryl Dixon, as the two made it out of prison together alive. This episode was a masterful send-off for Beth, as it enabled her to finally stand up to Dawn, a stoic leader at Grady Memorial Hospital who was holding her and Noah (Tyler James Williams) captive. At one point in the episode, Beth tucked a small pair of scissors into her arm cast. Finally, Dawn strikes a deal with Rick, agreeing to let Beth and Carol (who was there initially as a patient of sorts) free in exchange for her officers that Rick took. The catch? Noah, whom Beth had befriended, had to stay with Dawn. What unfolds is one of the most nail-biting moments of the series, as Beth, seconds from freedom, leans nose to nose with her captor. She slides out her scissors and utters her final words, “I get it now,” to Dawn. She then stabs Dawn in the shoulder, much to everyone’s surprise. In a moment of panic, Dawn shoots Beth fatally in the head (though she swears she did not intend to kill her). In return, Daryl does the same to Dawn, and carries a lifeless Beth in his arms, much to her sister’s horror.

All ten seasons of The Walking Dead are available on Netflix, perfect for the ultimate binge. New episodes of the final season air Sundays on AMC.

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