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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Ted Lasso: Brett Goldstein's Roy Kent Talks About Roy Kent Effect Video

Roy Kent may be the love of the internet's life but he still has a job to do on Ted Lasso. Star Brett Goldstein shines in a new clip that has Roy Kent answering questions at a press conference that the official AFC Richmond Twitter account shared for the show. The problem? He got asked about the Roy Kent effect and that never seems like the right thing to do. Well, actually, no one should ask Roy Kent anything ever.

Goldstein brings to life the gruff Roy Kent on Ted Lasso and after season 2 episode 5 entitled "Rainbow", Kent became the assistant coach of AFC Richmond. This is only after Ted (Jason Sudeikis) went to get Roy's help with his team captain and used his "rom-comism" to get Roy Kent back to the Greyhounds.

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The press conference clip comes right after Roy Kent joined the team as an assistant coach and features reporters asking him questions about the win. The problem is that he's Roy Kent which means he doesn't really have time to answer questions he deems idiotic. But that's why we all love Roy Kent, isn't it?

"How do I feel about a win? Good. I like a win," Kent says to the reporter off-camera when asked about the team winning their first game with Roy as an assistant coach. That doesn't seem to satisfy the reporter though so he prods Roy for a longer answer. "I'm not saying anything because I don't answer sh*tty questions," Kent replies.

In true reporters not knowing how to talk to Roy Kent, he is asked about the Roy Kent effect. In the show, it's the idea that Roy's return to AFC Richmond is what is helping them win. Or that his tough love with Isaac is what snapped him out of it enough to get him back in the game in "Rainbow". Roy Kent clearly doesn't think it is a thing despite the reporter asking him about it time and time again. But he does reply to the question, saying: "How about I Roy Kent effect your f*cking face?"

You can see Roy Kent and the rest of AFC Richmond every Friday when a new episode of Ted Lasso premieres and it is great to finally have Roy Kent back with Ted Lasso. How long it'll take before the two have a stand-off remains to be seen but we can't wait to see what the future holds for them and the Greyhounds!

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