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Monday, August 23, 2021

Succession Season 3 Gets Release Date at HBO

Are you ready for the return of the dysfunctional and highly entertaining Roy family? After some excruciating time apart, the wait is soon to be over. The critically acclaimed Emmy Award-winning HBO series Succession is going to come back with its third season this year.

Winner of Prime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, among many other awards, Succession ended its second season with a bang. By the end of its last episode, ‘This Is Not for Tears.’ it was decided that Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), arguably the Roys’ least unlikable family member and also the most pitiable man in the show, will take the fall for the company's unspeakable wrongdoings and leave Waystar-Royco (again).

But, with a last-minute brilliant twist, during the press conference in which he was supposed to publicly take responsibility, Kendall unexpectedly backpedals and diverts the blame towards his father, Logan Roy (Brian Cox). Chaos ensues in the room and Kendall, determined in his stance, tears the speech that had been prepared for him and marches off-stage with that brilliant mic-drop. The rest of his family is left in a paralyzed state of shock at this unforeseeable turn of events, and in a way, so are we.

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We can assume that season 3 will explore how the members of this high-profile family are going to manage this turbulent situation, and who – if anyone – will come out on top. In the trailer for season 3, we can hear Kendall say: “No drama. We’re good.” But if one knows anything about this show, there is no way to expect anything less than a high-stakes drama that could rival a Shakespearean play.

If just like me, you cannot wait to find out how this intense family feud will unravel, there’s good news. HBO has, more or less, announced a release date for the previously delayed season 3. On social media, HBO revealed that the series will return in October. That’s it. There’s no specific release date as of yet, but we can rest easy knowing that we don’t have long to wait until October 2021.

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