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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Smite Reveals New God Charybdis in Cinematic Trailer

Smite has revealed in their latest cinematic trailer that Charybdis, the ancient Greek sea monster commonly associated with The Odyssey, will be the latest addition to the battleground of the gods. With her addition, the game will be up to 116 playable gods and goddesses.

Charybdis is known in Greek mythology for creating giant whirlpools to sink ships as they pass through the Strait of Messina. Along with Scylla - another god currently in the game - she posed a major threat to classic heroes like Odysseus as they tried to make passage through or near the strait on their adventures. Often, Charybdis was depicted as a giant worm that uses whirlpools to suck unfortunate victims into its gaping maw. As intimidating as a massive sea worm would be to play, Smite has other plans for an original take on the character.

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The team at Titan Forge Games gives Charybdis a similar artistic treatment to that of Scylla by turning her into a small, heterochromatic girl clad in armor. In the cinematic trailer, she is shown leaping out of a whirlpool, raining daggers on the fearful soldiers below before cornering a young soldier. When Bellona, another goddess in the game, comes to rescue the boy, Charybdis reveals her dark secret: a monstrous worm for a left arm that calls back to her ancient depictions. Much like how Scylla hides her hound-like heads under her dress, Charybdis keeps the worm concealed until it's time to strike.

In a post detailing the process behind creating Charybdis, TitanCupcake stated Charybdis will be a hunter in-game in contrast to Scylla, who is a mage. Much of her design, from appearances to her abilities, is meant to mirror Scylla and emphasize the relationship between the two terrors. They explained their reasoning in the post, stating the following:

Charybdis left us plenty of room to creatively interpret the mythology. We know there are many different opinions in the community over how she should be depicted, and we heavily considered all of these different options.Ultimately, we wanted to stay true to the idea of Scylla and Charybdis as a duo. This is their primary literary depiction, and a strong relationship in itself. They are not technically related, depending on the source material, but it felt clearly justified to symbolically design them as sisters.

Charybdis will join the Battleground of the Gods sometime in August. In the meantime, check out the trailer below for a preview of what's to come when the Ceaseless Whirlpool comes to Smite.

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